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Boy Goes To Rock

When Kazuki arrived from Japan a couple of weeks ago, Yuko informed me that his parents wanted us to take the boy to Ayer’s Rock! So today, we did! We got up very early to catch a flight to the red center of the continent…

Kazuki Sleeps at the Airport

The flight was 3 hours 45 minutes. We got to the resort at about 1.40pm and were booked on a bus tour at 2.30pm so we didn’t have much time to relax after arriving. The tour took us to Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). We were dropped at the base of the monolith and told to walk up a track and be back in an hour. We didn’t get very far due to Yuko’s constant stopping to take pictures.

Kazuki with an 'Olga'

Then, to Uluru for the traditional viewing of sunset… The tour company provided wine and nibblies as well as folding chairs for us to sit and watch the rock…

The tour bus driver told us the weight of the rock – one stone. This proved extremely difficult to explain to Yuko! I had been led to believe that the rock changes colour markedly at sunset. However, it was basically just different shades of red.

Rock, Tree and Moon

In the evening, the Japanese members of my party set up a data centre in our hotel room…

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Lane Cove Invaded by Lizards (and Firefly)

Today’s coffee picture was taken at the Gold Coast airport, where my flight made a stop on the way back to Sydney. I had to go through another security check at the Gold Coast to enter the transit lounge. After passing through the usual screening, I was called aside by a dude in uniform. He told me I had been randomly selected for additional screening. He asked me to sign a form consenting to him touching me intimately! Fortunately I was carrying no weapons or explosives, so I was allowed to continue into the transit lounge. Then… another short flight and I was back in Sydney…


When I arrived home, I approached the house, only to be confronted by two (2) giant reptiles who had apparently invaded our front garden. I whipped out my camera and shot some video. The picture below is a captured frame from that video…

Meanwhile, the long awaited Woolworths development at Lane Cove has finally opened after years of disputes and acrimony between council members. It’s a wonderland of shops and escalators, including a new cafe directly opposite Epitome!

New Cafe

Woolworths itself is actually underground. It seems they have excavated a huge cavity which is partly under the plaza and have stuck a supermarket in it!

The Library has also been extended, but it will not open until February…

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Horse and Mail

As I walked to the cafe this morning, I noticed a horse over near the water. I went to investigate and saw the town crier shouting and ringing his bell. It was to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Australia Post. It was very exciting indeed…

A bit later, the sailing ship the James Craig arrived. I later learned that they used this ship beacause it looks a bit like the first ship that carried mail to and from Australia in 1809.

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Unemployment Ends

I took to the road at sunrise to formally end my lazy existence as an unemployed slob…

My destination was the quaint cobbled streets at the foot of the old coat-hanger where once upon a time, when there was still money in the world, tourists would congregate to sip coffee and listen to didgeridoos…

It was very exciting indeed!

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Australia – The Movie

Today is Tuesday, and Yuko came to the city to meet me for dinner. However, there was also a special event in the city this evening…

Special Event

Before meeting Yuko I went to gawk at the activities in George Street, where the premiere of Australia was getting underway. Half the width of George Street was closed and a tent-like structure had been errected due to light rain. Police were directing traffic and shouting abuse at pedestrians who stopped to gawk (like me). But I stood on the corner watching as cars arrived and VIP looking people got out and walked into the tent. I didn’t see Nicole or Hugh, but I assumed that the people I saw were important because they were wearing suits and evening dresses…

Chaos in George St.

Chaos in George St.

I tried to get to the red carpet but unfortunately, I was not on the “A” list. In fact I’m not even on the “B” list or the “C” list, so I was ejected onto the street like a piece of garbage. I did manage to get a glimpse of the red carpet…

The Red Carpet

The Red Carpet

After being ejected from the red carpet, I met Yuko and we went to the Dome where we ate dead birds and saw a painting with a musical theme…

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A few days ago I received a mysterious wad of cash in the mail. Today I received another item – a greeting card – apparently from a reader in a tiny constitutional monarchy at the arse end of the Earth.

The text on the back discussed a range of issues which need not concern most readers. It did pose several questions, including one about ‘the nef‘ (which I’m not familiar with).

However, its mention of moola makes me suspect that there is a link between the sender of this greeting, and the sender of the moola. Perhaps they inhabit the same physical world, or worse!

Perhaps a meeting should be arranged in a mutually accessible world.

The greeting - discussing a range of issues

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