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Naked in the Dome

In the evening, Yuko and I both went to the City separately. Yuko had some stuff to do and she also met one of her Japanese friends for coffee.

Meanwhile, I went to the QVB for a secret meeting…

Tree in the QVB

I met with two dudes and we discussed a secret matter which I can’t talk about…

Secret meeting

After the meeting, I met Yuko and we had planned to go to the Dome for dinner. However, when we got there it was closed. Looking through the window we could see that the restaurant was full of people sitting at the tables. We then noticed that there were two naked women standing on tables in the middle of the restaurant! Apparently it was a art/drawing session. It is in “The Arthouse” building so it made sense.

I didn’t take a picture of the naked women for fear of being arrested.

With the Dome closed, we went to the Japanese restaurant ‘Hoya’ instead. Then we walked through a white tunnel…

Walking through a white tunnel



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Bizarro Pool

Today I again went to drink beer and play pool with a former work colleague. Again, he defeated me 2 games to 1, using some bizarro techniques of questionable legality…

Meanwhile, the bizzaro piece outside the MCA is now complete. But is it art??

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The Evacuation

I usually only work Wednesday and Thursday, but my office furniture is being delivered on Wednesday so I switched (for this week only) to Tuesday (today) and Thursday.

As I passed the MCA in the morning, I witnessed the assembly of a bizarre structure in progress…

It’s always exciting when we have an evacuation at work – especially when it’s not a drill. Today we had a ‘test’ of the alarm system – they announced on the PA “This is a test of the evacuation system” etc. Then they sounded the alarm and we all ignored it as instructed. But then, about 30 minutes later, the alarm sounded again. This time there was no announcement – so we took it to be a real alarm – and we ran out of the building screaming in panic…

Workers mill about outside after evacuation

The fire department responded very quickly indeed. The fire engine was already parked on the road when I got outside…

Fire Engine

We milled about for a while and then a fireman yelled out “You can go back in”, so we did…

Firemen eye us with suspicion

In the evening I went to another meeting (my second) of the NSAS. Tonight it was the “New Astonomers’ Group” – a more practical meeting where people bring their scopes along to get help using them etc. Although I’m not exactly ‘new’ to astronomy, I went along anyway.

One dude brought his scope and the more experienced dudes helped him to set it up correctly. Most of it was fairly basic stuff for me, but I did get to see a laser collimator being used – which I’d never seen before – and it was interesting to see a scope quite different from mine.

Celestron 130mm Newtonian

It was an Celestron AstroMaster 130. The consensus was that there were some parts missing from it, which prevented the correct weight balancing of the instrument.

I understand that usually they would take the scope outside and do some observing with it. But the sky was cloudy, so instead a dude gave a presentation of some interesting objects which would have been visible if the sky had been clear.

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Return to Work

Despite having no job, I went to work today anyway!

This is because I am supposed to be working two days per week as a contractor. I haven’t actually signed a contract yet so I my legal status in the workplace is unclear.

I will work tomorrow too, but as I have a late meeting every Thursday, today was the only day this week that Yuko could meet me in the city. We went to The Dome. The art density has increased significantly since our last visit!

Art covers the wall at The Dome

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Yuko Gets Published (again)

During Yuko’s recent visit to Japan, she was interviewed by NHK (the Japanese National Broadcaster) for inclusion in their ‘575’ photographic magazine, which is associated with the TV program of the same name on which Yuko’s pictures have also appeared.

‘575’ refers to Haiku – the Japanese form of poetry which must contain lines of five, seven and five sylables. The photos are all accompanied by a Haiku which has some relationship to the picture.

Today, a copy of the publication arrived in the mail…

Yuko had a couple of photos published in the magazine. The one on the right (below) had a whole page to itself, and the interview took two pages!

It was very exciting indeed!

See also: The Original Photo on Yuko’s blog.

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Yuko’s Media Tour

In the morning I drove Yuko to the airport. As usual, she ate a rice ball in the car…

She is going to Japan again – this time to take pictures with her fellow Haiku-Blogging friends, and to be interviewed by NHK for her up-coming appearance in their arty photographic book/magazine. It is very exciting indeed!

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Goats and Gardening

This is a goat…

And this is a garden…

It’s the front garden of Mother’s house after being beautified by ‘Joe the Water Man’, who, it turns out, can also do gardening. We need to keep Mother’s house looking reasonable for the handover to the new owners, so we employed Joe for the task. When I inspected his work in the evening, I was amazed at how good a job he’s done compared with our regular gardener!

This evening we also went to ‘The Dome’. The art on the wall tonight was mostly of naked women. However I didn’t photograph any of them because I didn’t want to look like a pervert.

The Dome


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Fine Food Australia

After work I met Yuko in the city and we walked over to the exhibition centre at Darling Harbour for the Fine Food Australia exhibition.

Despite the show being restricted to ‘trade only’, we were able to get access as employees of Studio Keiko. Yuko is an ‘Assistant’ and I am a ‘Marketing Manager.

Moments after entering the exhibition hall, Yuko was reprimanded by a security guard who told her that photographs were not allowed in the hall. Despite this, we both continued to take pictures.

We soon found our friend Keiko, who is working with the soy sauce maker Yamasa.

Keiko (left) demonstrates the wonders of Yamasa Soy Sauce

Keiko also had some of her artistic sushi on display. It was very exciting indeed…

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The Tram

This is the noble art of sand sculpture. When I saw the work being crafted in the morning I didn’t recognise what it was…

But by lunchtime, it had become clear. It was a JetStar tram…

There was also a JetStar plane, but that looked even less airworthy…

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Art Arrives by Mail

Another work lunch today – this time a leaving lunch for a member of my team. It was a German establishment with beer in tall glasses (see above).

A package arrive in the mail from Japan today. It was from NHK, the Japanese TV network. One of Yuko’s photographs was shown on their photography show recently and they have sent her a framed print of the picture…

Package arrives in mail

The picture is one that Yuko took on one of her visits to Japan. It’s an arty picture showing the roof of a temple. The border of the frame was signed by the four hosts of the TV show. It was very exciting indeed…

Signed piture - a temple

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