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Blue Mountains (I)

Today we went to Leura for a special purpose…

We investigated the cafe situation by having lunch at Bon Ton. Yuko was very excited to learn that Bon Ton has WiFi Internet access! We were also very impressed by Leura station as we could see no rats on the tracks.

Yuko played with her hair…

We also drove around Katoomba a bit and saw some bizzarro art…


Apple Fangirl Queues for iPad 2!

Today Yuko forced me to take her to the city to queue at the Apple shop to buy the iPad 2! We joined the queue at about 3pm and it took us 6 hours to reach the counter!

Yuko has agreed to be nice to me for one month as a consequence of this experience.

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Returning from the Wilderness

In the morning we continued working for about three hours before starting our trip back to civilisation.

We had to pass through a number of gates, which my companion opened and closed – as one does in the wilderness…

Opening a Gate

We again stopped at Foxwood Farm for lunch. I ate toast again, but I also tried my companion’s wedge…

Eating a Wedge

My conclusion is that the food at Foxwood Farm is better than anything in Lane Cove. However, it’s a bit far to travel there every day.


Programming In the Wilderness

Today I headed west – with my male companion – for a weekend of programming in the wilderness.

We stopped for breakfast/lunch at Foxwood Farm where I ate toast…

We then battled our way through a heard of cows…

… unitl we finally reached our destination – my companion’s country headquarters…

The Office

Power Generation Facility

We set up our computers and got to work on solar power…

Work Area

We worked a marathon session stretching late into the night.


Climbing the Bridge

Today we took Kazuki to climb the Harbour Bridge…

Yuko waited for us while Kazuki and I made the climb together. This was the third time I’ve climbed the bridge, although it’s eight years since my last climb.

Because you can’t take cameras on the climb, we only have the ‘official’ photos…

Half way up the arch

It was very exciting indeed!

At the summit

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