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Dead Cow on a Hot Rock

Yuko had to go to the city today to pick up documentation relating to her upcoming trip to Japan. So we took the opportunity to have dinner in the city. We met up in the QVB and went to a dandy Japanese restaurant in an arcade off York Street. Yuko photographed the sushi chef…

I ordered wagyu on a hot rock. I thought that a ‘hot rock’ was a diamond not in the posession of its legal owner, but it turned out to be a stone slab at a high temperature. I also didn’t realise that they would actually bring the hot rock to the table!

Wagyu (left) and hot rock (right)

I had to cook the dead cow myself – on the hot rock. It was very nice indeed!

Dead cow on a hot rock

At the QVB Yuko bought some dandy chocolates as gifts for people she will meet in Japan. However, she also gave me a sample which I ate later at home…

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