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Nautical Adventure Ends in Debacle

We sailed into Sydney Harbour early this morning…

We reached the Overseas Passenger Terminal just in time to see the Sun rising near the SOH…

But we still had time for breakfast before leaving the ship…

We had to go to the theatre to wait for our disembarkation ticket number to be called. We only had to wait about 20 minutes before our number (red 3) was called. That’s the number on our luggage tags. When they call that number it means that your luggage will be there when you get into the terminal.

So we left the ship and entered a large area in the terminal where the bags were all laid out in rows and organised according to the colours of the luggage tags. I walked along the ‘red’ row and found Yuko’s bag and my small bag. However, my large bag (pictured yesterday outside our room) was nowhere to be seen.

We waited while more bags were brought out, but they were all different colours. I looked at all those bags too, although they were not ‘red’, but still my bag was missing. I wondered if someone else had taken it by mistake!

Eventually we decided to report the bag missing and go home without it. We had to fill in a form and leave our contact details with some dude.

Then we got on the queue for taxis which was very long indeed. When we finally got into a taxi Yuko went to sleep…

When we arrived home, we found that our fish were still alive!

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