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Cruising the High Seas

Today was our first full day at sea – on our way to Willis Island and Cairns.

We explored the ship a bit more. We found the theatre where the live shows occur..


In the afternoon I went up to deck 10, which is an open air platform on top of the ship, and I walked seven laps for exercise. I was surprised at how the ship’s wake seems to be just a straight line rather than a ‘V’ shape expanding out from the blunt end…

The Wake at the blunt end - seen from deck 10

Afterwards we went to the pool deck and drank beer from huge glasses while Yuko used the WiFi Internet…

Then Yuko went to do her own exercise…

The dress code for dinner varies from night to night. Tonight it was ‘formal’. We also got moved to a table with a view out the window. We were seated with two other couples – one from Kansas and one from Brisbane.

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