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Boy Goes To Rock

When Kazuki arrived from Japan a couple of weeks ago, Yuko informed me that his parents wanted us to take the boy to Ayer’s Rock! So today, we did! We got up very early to catch a flight to the red center of the continent…

Kazuki Sleeps at the Airport

The flight was 3 hours 45 minutes. We got to the resort at about 1.40pm and were booked on a bus tour at 2.30pm so we didn’t have much time to relax after arriving. The tour took us to Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). We were dropped at the base of the monolith and told to walk up a track and be back in an hour. We didn’t get very far due to Yuko’s constant stopping to take pictures.

Kazuki with an 'Olga'

Then, to Uluru for the traditional viewing of sunset… The tour company provided wine and nibblies as well as folding chairs for us to sit and watch the rock…

The tour bus driver told us the weight of the rock – one stone. This proved extremely difficult to explain to Yuko! I had been led to believe that the rock changes colour markedly at sunset. However, it was basically just different shades of red.

Rock, Tree and Moon

In the evening, the Japanese members of my party set up a data centre in our hotel room…

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