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Tax Office Debacle

Yuko hasn’t yet informed the tax office of her change of name – although it’s more than two years since we got married. It hasn’t mattered until now because she has not needed to do a tax return. However, when she recently tried to open a bank account online, the identity check using her tax file number failed.

So today we decided to go to the tax office to get her details updated. I checked the ATO website for the locations. It said there was a shopfront at Chatswood…

So we went. But when we got there, the door refused to open. Peering inside, the place seemed deserted. Then I noticed this sign…

So we went home in disgust – having wasted a trip. As today is July 1st, it appears that if we had gone yesterday, the office would have been open!

I later submitted a complaint on the ATO website expressing my outrage.

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