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Technology Fails – Moon Grows

I have written before about the problems with the new high-tech electronic parking system at Lane Cove Market Square. In addition to providing information on available spaces, it is intended to be used to enforce the parking time limit of two hours.

But today we observed a uniformed dude in the carpark marking tyres with chalk! I guess this means that the technology has failed yet again…

The Optus technician came yesterday morning. Fortunately the connection was slow when he arrived. He tested the signal at the modem and said that it had a low signal to noise ratio. He then went outside and checked it where it comes into the house. It was bad there too. Then he went out to the street and climbed the pole and check the signal there. It was still bad!

This is good news because it means it’s not our fault. The dude said that he couldn’t do anything but he would put in a request for the network dudes to come and check it out. He said they would come within two days.

Meanwhile, for the rest of the day our connection speed was good – around 1MB/second. But it’s usually like that in the daytime while it’s slow at night, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

In the evening I took some more pictures of the Moon. It’s getting bigger each night like a big lump of green cheese…

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