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New Camera

Yuko wanted me to take her to the Optus Shop at Chatswood so that she could hurl abuse at them for charging her $432 for one day’s Internet usage. She hurls abuse best when I’m not there, so I left her at the shop and went browsing.

I decided to go looking for a camera to replace my dead IXUS. I had a particular model in mind – the IXUS 300 HS. This model is so new that most shops don’t have it yet, but I found one on display at Ted’s Cameras.

I took this picture in the shop with the display model…

I bought a black one.

Then I went to meet Yuko and she told me she had succeeded in persuading Optus to refund half of the money! She achieved this by hurling a tirade of abuse at them and accusing them of operating a scam. I’m glad I wasn’t there.

We then went to Firefly, followed by Red Chopstick where I played with my new camera…

New Black Camera

Red Chopstick

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