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Optus Takes Money

A few days ago Yuko noticed a debit on her credit card for over $400 by Optus. Her iPhone bill is normally the same every month – about $60. In this case, she didn’t even receive the bill – they just took the money.

So we went to the Optus shop to query it. They said it was due to excess internet charges and that the bill had been mailed two week earlier. We therefore asked them to resend the bill so we could see the detail. Today it arrived.

The bill (below) shows the data volume and dollar value on a per-day basis. It appears that on one particular day in April, the usage was higher than usual by a factor of about a hundred…

Of course this is just Yuko’s iPhone usage. She would normally be using our cable connection while at home. I suspect that when she puts the iPhone in the cradle connected to her laptop, it automatically tethers, and if our home wifi drops out briefly, perhaps the laptop switches over to the tethered iPhone connection. If that happened, Yuko might have been using the iPhone connection all day without realising it.

But even if this occurred, 1.3GB would still be an unusually high amount for Yuko to use in a single day. Our normal combined usage is no more than 15GB per month and most of that is probably mine rather than Yuko’s.

In the afternoon we visited our solicitor to discuss our respective demises. I am changing my will significantly as I no longer have any close family beyond Yuko. However, the main beneficiary will remain unaware of being the beneficiary until my demise.

When we came out, it was raining heavily and we had to protect ourselves agains the deluge…

Preparing to go into the rain

Rain seen from solititor's office


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  1. Kim Jon Il June 12th, 2010 9:39 am

    Did John Marsden leave you any money when he passed away?

  2. noswonky June 13th, 2010 1:23 am

    Not even his donkey!

    PS: I’ve add this post to the ‘Ruthless Dictators’ category to honour your presence.

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