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Last Day of Employment (ever?)

It was my last day of employment, and although most of my duties were now being handled by others, I was nevertheless given one final debugging task which I completed just as we were about to go for lunch.

We had a team lunch at a nearby bar where I ate pizza and drank a huge glass of beer (the latter funded by my team leader)…


Co-workers eating

I also received a card on which people wrote what they thought of me (better not show that part)…

One of my colleagues volunteered to keep an eye on Noswonky’s Free Money which will continue to operate until either the money is gone or the enterprise is taken over by another (possibly hostile) entity…

Free Money

As I left the building for the last time, I took this picture, which reveals the company name…

I am now free to concentrate on other ‘work’ which may or may not be profitable.

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