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Sushi Driving (II)

We got up at 5.30am this morning for another sushi job. It was dark and raining…

Just like last Friday we picked up Keiko and her two assistants and drove them to the venue. This time the destination was Greystanes High School in Sydney’s west. We had to get there by 7.30am for an 8.30am start.

Keiko and her assistants

Like last time, I didn’t stay for the class. I headed back, but it was morning peak hour and the M4 was in gridlock. I therefore decided to delay my return by stopping off at Westfield Parramatta where I had coffee and read the paper while I waited for the traffic to subside.

Meanwhile, Yuko took these pictures…

Keiko demonstrates to the students

Students display their sushi

Carrying stuff back to the car

I returned to the school at about midday to pick them up.

Celebrating after another successful class

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