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My New Job: Sushi Driver

Having five days off work each week is not all leisure and beer-drinking. Today I actually had work to do – as a ‘Sushi Driver’.

Our friend Keiko of Studio Keiko has employed both of us to assist with her remote sushi classes – Yuko as a photographer and me as a driver.

We went to pick up Keiko and her two assistants at 8.30 am…

Our destination was Knox Grammar School, a dandy private boys’ school on Sydney’s leafy North Shore…

I dropped the four Japanese women and left them in a big empty room.

There were two double-period sessions scheduled for the day, so I went home and left them to it. I therefore didn’t get to see the sushi-making in progress, but below are Yuko’s photos of the event…

Keiko demonstrates sushi-making to students

Students making sushi

Table 4 display the results of their work

I returned to pick them up at 3.45pm and they reported that the day had been a success!

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