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Fog and the Roof Man

Back in February, our roof started leaking due to some broken tiles. The tiles were fixed some time ago, but it was only today that the dude came to fix the water damage to the ceiling.

Unfortunately he decided to do the job on the day I have to go to work. As Yuko was too lazy to wake up early, I stayed home until 8.15 while the dude started working and Yuko slept.

Normally I would leave home around 7.15, and the traffic is pretty good. But today, leaving an hour later, the traffic was close to the worst I’ve ever experienced driving to the city! It took more than an hour to get from Lane Cove to the city!

As I reached North Sydney, I could see that the city was covered in – well I thought it must be smoke because fog doesn’t usually hang around that late (9am) in the warm sunlight. But it turned out to be fog…

City Buildings Immersed in Fog

It was also one of the thickest fogs I’ve seen on the Bridge!

Fog on the SHB

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