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Water Temperature Debacle

I was awoken this morning by some dude tapping on my bedroom window! I was a little freaked out, but he told me through the window that he was here to remove garbage and that he needed me to move my car. Then I remembered that Yuko had arranged this before she left.

I put on some clothes and moved my car and the dude and his helper then began loading garbage into their truck.

Waste Remover - Through Kitchen Window

The garbage in question is from Joe The Water Man’s demolition of our back deck. Below are the before and after pictures…

After the dudes left, I had a shower. However, the water quickly ran cold! This normally only happens if Yuko uses too much hot water – but she’s away and I hadn’t used any hot water since yesterday.

I put on some clothes (again) and went around the back of the house to check the water heater.

There was a green plastic tarpaulin on top of it. It was also hanging over the sides where it was partially blocking the ventilation holes. When I tried to remove it, I found that it had partially melted and was stuck to the metal!

Green Thing on Water Heater

I can only guess that it was left there by Joe the Water Man and his helper when they cleaned the outside of the house on Saturday.

I hoped that the heater had not been damaged – perhaps there’s a safety cutout when it overheats, so I attempted to relight the pilot flame. I removed the access panel and followed the instructions printed on the inside of it. The problem is that it’s very difficult to see if the pilot light is on – it’s deep inside the guts of the machine.

Water Heater Controls

Lighting Instructions

I waited, but after a few hours there was still no hot water.

I decided to try again in the evening when it was dark. This made it easier to see if the flame was lit. It turned out that the igniter button doesn’t work. Instead I was able to light the flame using a hand-held gas lighter – the kind for lighting stoves etc. In the dark – and using a mirror – I could see that the flame was now lit.

It worked! After a couple of hours I had hot water again!

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