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Lunch With a Bunch of Bankers

Today I had a lunchtime meeting with ‘Carlos’ (not his real name), who has been an occasional commenter on this blog. He brought some of his colleagues with him and we drank beer and ate burgers next to that big round building with the non-round name. I have know Carlos (not his real name) for a frighteningly long time. When I mentioned the year we met, some of the others at the table claimed not to have been born then!

Carlos is, unfortunately, a banker. At least he works for a bank, which I believe is sufficient to label him a banker. I was a banker once too, working at the same bank as Carlos for a while, but I got out (or was ousted) well before the GFC struck.  Carlos got ousted when the GFC struck, but has now joined another bank.

Carlos - Banker

I told Carlos that I had resigned from my job to become a hobo. He was shocked, but he wished me well in my hobotic future.

Later that afternoon, my resignation became public knowledge at work. It had been under wraps for more than a week pending negotiations with management regarding the timing of my transition to hobo-hood.

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