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The Leak

Late last night, I happened to go into the garage, and I noticed that the roof was leaking. Careful inspection also revealed a row of droplets over near the outside wall and the ceiling looked like it was sagging slightly. I concluded that there was probably a large pool of water in the ceiling.

I climbed the ladder and stabbed a hole in the ceiling with a pair of scissors – and lo! A torrent issued forth!


This morning I stuck my head up into the roof cavity for a look. Sure enough, there was a big wet area (below). I could also see that one roof tile was letting in a lot more daylight than the rest, although I could not see any damage from my vantage point.

Wetness in the Roof

I put the ladder against the side of the house and went up to inspect the roof…

I discovered the problem – one tile was cracked and slightly displaced. There was also minor damage to two neighbouring tiles.

Cracked Tile

It’s not clear what caused this, but there is a big eucalyptus tree which overhangs our roof from the neighbour’s yard and I found one small but solid piece of branch close to the damaged tile.

The suspect branch

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