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High Tide – High Current

Today, the tide was high. It was so high that the sea was overflowing…

After recently getting a new battery for Mitsy, I thought all would be well. But alas no!

The battery still goes flat after one day. So today i did some investigation. First I charged up the battery…

Then, which nothing turned on, I put a current meter inline with the battery and lo! Mitsy was drawing almost half an Amp! This explains why the battery goes flat – but why the high current?

I then pulled out the fuses one by one, until the current dropped to zero. It was the ‘Lamp’ fuse. Without this fuse, the headlights, taillights and panel lights don’t work. However, I might be able to leave that fuse out to prevent the battery going flat, and only put it back in when I want to drive it – at least until I can get Mitsy to the doctor.

Half an Amp!

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