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Lane Cove Invaded by Lizards (and Firefly)

Today’s coffee picture was taken at the Gold Coast airport, where my flight made a stop on the way back to Sydney. I had to go through another security check at the Gold Coast to enter the transit lounge. After passing through the usual screening, I was called aside by a dude in uniform. He told me I had been randomly selected for additional screening. He asked me to sign a form consenting to him touching me intimately! Fortunately I was carrying no weapons or explosives, so I was allowed to continue into the transit lounge. Then… another short flight and I was back in Sydney…


When I arrived home, I approached the house, only to be confronted by two (2) giant reptiles who had apparently invaded our front garden. I whipped out my camera and shot some video. The picture below is a captured frame from that video…

Meanwhile, the long awaited Woolworths development at Lane Cove has finally opened after years of disputes and acrimony between council members. It’s a wonderland of shops and escalators, including a new cafe directly opposite Epitome!

New Cafe

Woolworths itself is actually underground. It seems they have excavated a huge cavity which is partly under the plaza and have stuck a supermarket in it!

The Library has also been extended, but it will not open until February…

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