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Gawking at Americans (I)

The United States has a number of military bases on the island of Okinawa – they have had a presence there since World War II. So we decided to go and find some American’s to gawk at. Out modes of transport were bus and taxi…

Our destination was The Marine Corps Air Station Futenma – or more accurately, a tall mushroom-like lookout atop a hill which overlooks the base. We had heard that it was so close to the flight path of the planes that the pilots’ faces were visible as the planes took off and landed!

The Lookout

Unfortunately, we only saw one plane take off while we were there and it didn’t get very close to us.

Marine Base Airfield

On the positive side, we did see this graffiti on the wall – which identifies the writer who declares his desire for broccoli.

In the evening we returned to the cafe/restaurant with the Japanese garden. It was very Japanesey but at least I was able to eat chicken.

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