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Big Day For Garbage

Tomorrow is our final council waste collection at Mother’s house for 2009 (they only allow four per year). So today Yuko had Sam (the magnificent gardener) come over to put the garbage out on the nature strip. When I saw it in the evening I was shocked by the amount. The council limit is three cubic metres, and I was sure we had exceeded that by a significant margin.

Garbage at Mother's house

Although it’s our final waste collection at Mother’s house, we do have another house – and therefore another set of four waste collections we can use. We therefore spent some time this evening transporting garbage from Mother’s house and placing it on our nature strip too. This made the garbage at Mother’s house look a bit smaller, and the pile at our house should be under the volume limit.

Despite this, I’m still concerned that the council dudes might not take everything.

Garbage at the Noswonky house

While I was removing bags of garbage from my car to place on the pile, I carelessly left the car door open. When I returned to the car after only about 30 seconds, an animal had intruded…

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