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God is Not Great

About a year ago Mother bought “God is Not Great”, by Christopher Hitchens. She promised to lend it to me when she had finished reading it, but then she promptly lost it. We both searched the house for it with no success. But now, with the house almost empty, Yuko has finally found it!

This is one of two great works on Atheism published in the last few years – the other being “The God Delusion”.

Although I have not finished reading GING, it is clear that Hitchins’ methodology is quite different from Dawkins’. While Dawkins argues his case mainly through logic, and evidence from a scientific perspective, Hitchins focusses on real world examples of the harmful effects of religion. I find Hitchins’ work less interesting and harder to read.

Tara returned to Epitome recently after being away in Europe for about a year. But today she appeared out of uniform and lugging photographic equipment… which was of great interest to Yuko…

Tara is hoping to get into the photography business and has purchased her first SLR camera. Yuko and Tara compared their cameras and photographed each other…

Tara shoots Yuko

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