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Deadly Substance Debacle

Yesterday afternoon at work, I got a call from the woman who lives next-door to Mother’s house. She was somewhat agitated and told me that she had told the men working in Mother’s back yard to stop work because they were demolishing the fibro shed in an unsafe manner. She said they had not been wearing protective clothing, were not using water spray to suppress dust, and they had chosen to do the demolition on a windy day.

I was shocked by this news. Sam (the magnificent gardener) had assured me that he was aware of the requirements for removing asbestos and could do the job safely.

This morning before work, I went around to have a look. One wall of the shed was missing and sheets of the material were lying uncovered on plastic sheets on the ground. Fortunately it was now raining so at least the spread of deadly dust particles would be minimised. I covered the sheets of fibro as best I could with the plastic.

in the evening, Yuko spoke to Sam and he apologised for the debacle. He said he would obtain the services of a qualified dude next week to complete the job.

Partially demolished shed

Deadly asbestos

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