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Roof Maintenance

Today a dude came and climed onto our roof. It looked dangerous…

He was trying to sell us a product to keep leaves out of the gutters.

After he had measured the roof, he came back down and told us lots of stories about his escapades on other people’s roofs. He even had photos of stuff he’s see up there such as snakes and birds’ nests. Yuko kept asking him how much it would cost, but he just kept telling his adventure stories.

Eventually he wrote down some number. As I predicted, he tried to pressure us into agreeing to buy on the spot by offering a discount for deciding today. He said that he could offer this dicount today because they are doing a bunch of other houses in the area – which makes no sense.

Despited this obvious scam, the product looked good, and the price he quoted was much less that we had anticipated. So we bought it!

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