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The Funeral

Mother’s funeral was held today in the South Chapel at Northern Suburbs Crematorium.

The South Chapel

When we arrived at the chapel, most of the friends and family were already seated, so I said hello to each of them individually. There was only one lady that I didn’t know who had known Mother many years before.


Some of the family had travelled from Canberra, starting out at 6am to be there.

The service was conducted by David Reardon, a celebrant who did an excellent job. He gave an overview of Mother’s life and told the story of Mother’s binge drinking episode.

The Celebrant

Guests signed a commemorative book so that we have a record of who was there…

The Book

Later, the flowers were brought outside so that we could take them home.


After the service, we made our way to the Atlantis Restaurant for a gathering with food and drink…

It was a very nice venue and the guests feasted on canapes, soft-drinks, tea, coffee, cake and muffins. Being the closest relative, I was the only one who knew everyone. Despite being renowned as an anti-social bastard, I mingled with all the guests. It was very nice to see everyone despite the sad occasion.

The Gathering

When we got home, Yuko photographed the flowers…

Yuko photographs the flowers

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