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Yuko Wins Photo Competition

A few weeks ago we both entered the ‘Lane Cove “Captured” Photography Competition, which was organised by Lane Cove Council. Tonight we attended the awards night in the council building. The theme of the competition was “The Great Outdoors”.

There were about a hundred photographers entered, and there was a picture from each of them on display. The crowed milled, viewing the pitures and sipping wine…

In a humiliating twist of fate, they had hung my entry sideways…

Yuko views my entry - rotated 90 degrees

Then the prizes were announced. There were three prizes in the student category, and three in the overall category. After seeing so many excellent pictures on display, we didn’t expect that either of us would win anything. But we were wrong!

And here’s the video…

It was very exciting indeed!

Yuko Accepts First Prize from the Mayor

After the awarding of prizes, Yuko became the centre of attention and she met the three judges who told her why her picture had won. They said it was the picture that best represented the theme of the competition – “The Great Outdoors”.

Yuko's Entry

The winners gathered for photos with the Mayor…

The prize winners with the Mayor (2nd place winner absent)

Later, the winning photos were posted on the council’s web site here.

After the awards, we went to the Red Chopstick to relax and celebrate. Yuko said it was the most exciting thing in all her life!

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