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Jesus Lanyard Shock

We went to Epitome as usual this morning at sat out on the balcony. But as were were preparing to leave, I was surprised to see Mother’s friend Jan who told me that Mother was in the cafe! We went downstairs and said hello…

Yuko and Mother at Epitome

In the afternoon I went to Mother’s house to get her microwave. I was going to take it over to Mother’s new place so that she can heat things. I retrieved it and cleaned it a bit. But when I spoke to Mother on the phone she told me not to bring it. The reason – she had had an ‘altercation’ with the staff, and wanted to keep a low profile for a while.

Microwave ready to move

When I went over, she told me the details of the ‘altercation’ (which I won’t repeat here).

Then, Mother told me that she had been shocked to learn that her room key lanyard has “Jesus Loves You” printed on it! How much can an atheist bear????

The Jesus Lanyard

Meanwhile, Yuko took on a strange appearance…

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