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Yuko came to the city to meet me for lunch at Shiki – a Japanese restaurant which is located very close to my place of work. We had very nice view of the passing crowds from our table by the window. THe food was also very nice…


In the evening we visited Mother. She said her operation will be next Tuesday (two weeks after it was originally scheduled). Our visit was interrupted by a nurse who wanted to do medical procedure on Mother. Thus, I didn’t even have time to take a picture.

Later, I did some grocery shopping. As I was returning to my car, someone called out my name in the dark. I thought my time had come… and I was going to suffer retribution for some past act. However, it turned out to be a former co-worker whom I periodically run into in that very car park. I took a picture of him, but it was a bit too dark to record an accurate image.

We had a short conversation in which he spoke of his wretched life and the futility of his existence.


Blurred former co-worker

Blurred former co-worker

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