Dandyism Incarnate

Cousin Encounter

I was having breakfast at the Baker’s Oven, when it suddenly started raining heavily. I was forced to change tables to avoid being soaked. Under a bigger umbrella I was able to remain dry, but the rain continued until it was time for me to start work – and I had no umbrella. I skyped my co-workers to inform them of my situation, and sent updates as the situation developed. One member of my team said that I resembled a twitterer!

The cafe umbrella


After work I met Yuko at Aristocrat and ate an almond horseshoe thingy. We decided that I would visit Mother alone tonight.


When I arrived at the hospital, Mother was in conversation with a man in a suit! It was my cousin, who I haven’t seen for a few months. He asked me about my new job and we had a stimulating converstaion.

Mother and her nephew

Mother said that her operation has been scheduled for next Tuesday.

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