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Blackout at Riverview

I was watching TV at about 8.10pm when there was a blackout! A few seconds later I heard two loud buzzing sounds (at about 50 Hertz) followed by bangs and a bright flash visible through the front window. It sounded like it was just outside in the street. 

I located a battery operated light source and went outside to investigate. At first I didn’t see anything unusual, but within a couple of minutes, a police car arrived. A police dude got out and shone a powerful light at the power lines, revealing that a tree branch had fallen on the wires…

Police dude shines light on fallen branch


After another couple of minutes a fire engine arrived with its siren on (which seemed unnecessary) and parked right across our driveway. As a small crowd of local people began to gather and gawk, yellow tape was strung up around the site to prevent people walking under the suspect power lines.

Danger area marked with yellow tape


A second police car then blocked off the road with a flashing “Do Not Pass” sign on its roof. The police and fire dudes then waited for Sydney Electricty to arrive so that the power lines could be made safe for the removal of the tree branch. It was taking them a long time to arrive, so I gave up and went back inside.

With no TV or Internet, I decided to go to bed early.

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