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Earth Hour at the Arse End of the World

Darkness fell upon the city tonight for Earth Hour. Unlike the last two years, we decided to be lazy bastards and not travel to a distant vantage point to witness the darkness. Instead we just went next-door to the college where we usually watch the new year fireworks. The view of the city was limited, but we did notice some dimming.

We found a spot on the grass right beside one of the college buildings. It was apparently one of the dorms because we could hear the boys inside engaging in raucus behaviour the whole time we were there. At one point a group of boys emerged onto a nearby balcony and waved sparklers while shouting loud taunts at the younger boys, accusing them of engaging in a variety of depraved practices and lewd acts. They also had a red laser pointer which they shone on us from time to time.

Of course Yuko took pictures with one of her many huge cameras.


We ate a rice ball each and drank beer (which was probably in violation of the school rules).


Here is the comparison between Earth Hour and non-Earth Hour…

During the darkness we also took a few pictures of the sky. Here is a picture of the Southern Cross taken with Yuko’s camera…

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