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The Reader and the Caller

The Caller


Mother asked me to take her to see the movie ‘The Reader‘. We went to the Orpheum at Cremorne. The movie was adequate.

It’s the story of an anti-semitic Nazi tram-conducting pedophile who develops an addiction to cassette tapes. Then, when someone offers her a job, she declines emphatically.


When we came out of the movie, there was a message on my phone asking me to make contact regarding my recent job application. On making contact, the caller informed me that I had been successful and that my unemployed hobo status will soon end.

We then went to Epitome for coffee and Yuko came to join us and make merry. After coffee, we proceeded to The Red Chopstick for further celebration and merriment.

Yuko arrives at Epitome


Making merry at The Red Chopstick

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