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The Magnificent Gardener


We have recently become dis-satisfied with out gardener. This is partly because:

  • He often claims he has worked longer than he actually has.
  • He can barely speak any English (and no Japanese)
  • He constantly nags Yuko to persuade her that we need more work done that we actually do.
  • He steals our stuff (gardening tools, manure etc.)

We therefore decided we need a magnificent gardener instead…

Yuko call the Magnificent Gardener and asked him to come and give us a quote. When he arrived, it wasn’t him, but his brother Sam. Sam quoted us for a fixed amount of gardening (not by the hour).

Although Sam bears a striking resemblance to Saddam Hussein, we decided to give him a try. He will come to garden next week.

Yuko with the brother of the Magnificent Gardener

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