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Thursday, October 9 2008


In these dire economic times, you can't beat cold hard cash, particularly when it arrives in the mail as a wad of portraits of Her Majesty from an anonymous source. Perhaps it's another financial bail-out, as mentioned above.


No Service

Four days, and my iPhone is still a piece of junk..

No Service

Wednesday, October 8 2008

Mother Turns 81

Yes, it's Mother's 81st birthday. Last year, we had an extended celebration at a distant location, but because 81 is not divisible by 10, and is the fourth power of 3, we decided to have a smaller party.

We went to Cucinetta at Woolwich, where we sat 'outside' (although enclosed in plastic) with a view of the city.

From outside

The waiter reminded me of Borat in multiple ways, but he did have a better dress sense.

The Borat guy

We all ordered John Dory, but they refused and said that only one of us could have it. So we let Mother have the Dory while Yuko and I ate lesser dishes. Despite this, we ate, drank and were merry.

More binge drinking

Later we returned to our house for birthday cake. We chose not to use the full number of candles.

Cake - 80 candles omitted

Tuesday, October 7 2008


It's Tuesday again - so we went to The Dome again. Yuko met me in the QVB at 6.20pm.

Yuko waiting in the QVB

The Dome is on the upper level of the ArtHouse Hotel, which is in this old building. Apparently they still do art there sometimes. I heard that they recently held a painting workshop in the restaurant with nude models on the tables. Unfortunately we missed it!

The Arthouse - Dome inside

Tonight they gave us a 'Golden Gift'. It's a sealed envelope which, if we bring it on our next visit, will entitle us to something of material value. Obviiously this is just a scam to entice us to come back, but nevertheless it's very exciting.

You can't beat a golden gift

On the way back to the car, we pass this little Asian supermarket in Pitt Street. Yuko can't resist going in and buying a variety of strange foods.

When a shop or restaurant claims to be Korean, it's Korean. When it claims to be Korean and Japanese, it's Korean. When it claims to be Japanese, it's Korean or possibly Japanese. Therefore, this one must me Korean...

Korean Supermarket

Monday, October 6 2008


In the morning I went out and saw an aeroplane! It was very exciting...


Parking Abomination.

The carpark at Lane Cove has changed from a three-hour, to a 90 minute limit. How can civilised people be expected to drink morning coffee in under 90 minutes? It's an abomination!

Coffee in under 90 minutes?

Fan Swap

A few days ago it was quite hot, and Mother asked me to move her fan, because it was too heavy for her to move. So I suggested that we swap fans. I had a similar fan which was much lighter than hers, and it would be easier for her to move.

So today I loaded my black fan into the car and took it around to her place...

Black fan loaded in Belinda

I found that I was able to lift the black fan with one finger, while Mother's larger white fan required a hand, so Mother was quite happy. Here are the two fans side-by-side at Mother's house.

The two fans at Mother's house

Sunday, October 5 2008

Art Hides Ugliness

The Woolworths construction project has now been decorated with 'art'. We can appreciate this colourful spectacle as we sip our coffee at Epitome. Personally, I prefer a Monet or a Constable, but I guess the council has a limited budget.


Yuko bought her iPhone a few weeks ago and has been nagging me to get one too. I have been reluctant to purchase the device because I'm not convinced it's particularly good as a phone, or a iPod. I've had an iPod Touch for a while, and I still prefer the 'classic' interface.

Despite these misgivings, I took the plunge and we went to Chatswood, where there is a new Apple shop.

We parked at M6

At the shop, we looked at the new model iPod Nano. I would like to buy one, but I would feel guilty given that the iPhone is also an iPod.

Yuko checks the iPod Nano

Of course, you can't just walk in and buy an iPhone. You walk in and make an appointment to buy an iPhone. We expected this because Yuko had to do the same thing. So I made an appointment for 2pm and went back to Lane Cove to have lunch. I returned to the shop at 2pm and went through the process. Because today is Sunday, and tomorrow is a holiday, I will have to wait until Tuesday before my number is ported and the phone actually starts working.

I thought this would be an appropriate time to take stock of our iPods. It turns out we now have eight between us! All but two (the white ones) still work...

A history of iPods

Saturday, October 4 2008


At Epitome we ran into Daniel, who used to work there and has just returned from an extended European trip. He used to look like a professional hospitality worker, but now he looks like The Edge! See comparison below.

Meanwhile, it rained...

Rain at Epitome


We now have a path outside our house. Civilisation is taking over our humble suburb...

And the TabBay Boat shed is coming along too...

Friday, October 3 2008

Pole Hugging

Here's a picture of me hugging a pole at work. The sign accurately represents the nature of my job...

Pole hugging - that's my chair by the window

Wednesday, October 1 2008

Toast at Toast

I've found a new cafe to have breakfast. It's called Toast. Appropriately, they make good toast...

Toast toast


When I got home, Yuko was photographing the Moon and Venus. I also took a few quick shots by resting my toy camera (as Yuko calls it) on the roof of my car, but it really wasn't adequate. I should have used a tripod....

The Moon and Venus set in the west

Civilisation Restored

Our new data limit has kicked in, and download speeds are back to normal. I wonder if we can use 20GB in a month. That's a lot of porn...

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