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Tuesday, September 30 2008

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It's Tuesday. so we went to Wasaby (not Wasabi) again. Yuko ate a dead fish.

Yuko waiting for me in the QVB

Dead fish at Wasaby

Errant Gull

After Wasaby, we were walking back to the car, and as we were passing Woolworths, I noticed a seagull flying around inside the shop! I stopped to take pictures through the window, which probably made me look like a terrorist. But I think the gull is a more likely suspect...

Seagull perched
Seagull flying

From Message
4858 Days Ago
was it a lesbian seagull?

From Message
4857 Days Ago
I didn't enquire about the bird's personal life.

From Message
4856 Days Ago
You should have followed a due process to identify her sexuality.

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Sunday, September 28 2008

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Digital Civilisation Ends

Our Internet connection has been painfully slow for the last couple of days. We could use email and load simple web pages, but Youtube was almost unusable - the end of civilisation.

I therefore did my bigger downloads at Epitome, where there is free WiFi...

Downloading at Epitome

So today I called our ISP ('yes' Optus), to report the problem. They said there was no fault - we were throttled. This means that Optus had intentionally reduced our net speed beacause we had exceeded our mothnly data limit of 7GB!

I have had no way of checking our data usage (although I could when I worked at Optus). They gave me the option of upgrading to a better plan, or just waiting for the end of the month when our speed will return to normal. I opted to upgrade, from 7GB to 20GB/month. However it takes 24 hours to kick in.

They reset my password so that I could access the usage meter...

It turns out that they sent me an email warning that we were close to our limit. However they sent it to an email account that I've never used. When I checked it today, I found numerous 'Important' unread emails going back to last century!

20th Century Emails

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Saturday, September 27 2008

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I glanced at the TV in Yuko's office and saw this dog...

I wanted to draw it to Yuko's attention, so I exclaimed 'cute!' and pointed at the screen. But just at that moment, the scene cut, and when Yuko looked up, she saw this...

Needless to say, I was in trouble.

Live Bird and Dead TV

Here are the sights I saw today on my walk through Riverview...

Bird under the aqueduct

Dead technology

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Friday, September 26 2008

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Red Chopstick

We went to the Red Chopstick with Mother. It was very exciting...

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Thursday, September 25 2008

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Why am I drinking Optus coffee?


This is the cafe I've been going to in the morning. It's quite good, but can get a tad crowded after 8am. It's also close to where I will be working in about two months when we move to a new office.



I saw a buggy on the SHB...


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Tuesday, September 23 2008

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The green substance commonly used in Japanese cooking is called 'wasabi'. But this restaurant is called 'Wasaby'...

...which means something else entirely. Despite this semantic conflict, we went there tonight (because today is Tuesday). It's in the location where there used to be a cafe/bookshop. I once even bought a book there - and read it! Now it's all fish and soy sauce (and wasabi).

The food was adequate. I can recommend the edamame.

Earlier... I saw these artificial Kooaburra's...

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Sunday, September 21 2008

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Aeroplane, Shed and Chair

Unusually, I went out walking before breakfast. As I walked through the park, I saw an aeroplane fly over - and it looked a bit odd. The wings seemed wider and the underside flatter than a 747. Then I remembered that Qantas was taking delivery of the new Airbus A-380 today. I think this is it...

Later I came upon the Tambourine Bay Boat-shed which is now being re-built. It was destroyed by fire in suspicious circumstances in September 2006.

And finally, in the College - a chair and a pipe - cloesly coupled - no doubt for some bizarre private school ritual...


In the afternnon we went to Harris Technology to purchase some technology-related items which need not concer the reader. However, we did see a rather strange mode of transport in the carpark...

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Saturday, September 20 2008

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Indian Bazaar

Today was the day of the Indian Bazaar.

We chose not to attend, or forgot, or just didn't care. However, it has now become so popular that it has its own bus stop...

A bizarre bus stop

Eating Fish

Mother took us to lunch at the Fish Markets, and bought some fish too. We went to Doyles where we ate fish, because that's what one does at the fish markets.

Arriving at the SFM

Fish buyer

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Friday, September 19 2008

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Today I engaged in social activity by going to the pub with my co-workers.


Co-workers who can't be identified

After drinking only a moderate amount of beer, we went up onto the roof.

View from the pub roof

After an afternoon at the pub, you can't beat a massage...

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Tuesday, September 16 2008

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The Dome

Today is Tuesday. Every Tuesday (well, at least once before) Yuko meets me after work in the city and we go to either a dandy or a scum restaurant. Tonight we went to The Dome which falls into the dandy category.

Last time we went there I wrote in a disparaging tone about how they charged us $9 for a liquid indistinguishable from tap water. On that occasion I did actually ask for 'water'. This time, they brought the water without me asking for it but still charged $9.00 for it. That's how I know it's a dandy restaurant!

We also noticed that they've removed Grant Hackett's pants from the wall. I guess that's because he only won a silver medal.

The dome at The Dome

Note the new art on the wall - replacing Grant Hackett's pants

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Monday, September 15 2008

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Olympians' Parade

Today there was a parade in the city to welcome home the Australian Olympic team. I happened to be in the area, so I watched from a vantage point on George Street near Australia Square.

This was just the first of a series of parades to be held in cities around the country. There were a lot of atheletes wearing their medals, but I didn't recognise most of them. In fact although I saw a several atheletes who looked familiar, I only recognised two - Libby Trickett and that Pole Vault guy.

People line the street awaiting the parade

Tiny peices of paper filled the air


It was very exciting indeed...

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Sunday, September 14 2008

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Curbing and Guttering

The roadworks outside our house have advanced to a point where we can almost claim to be curbed and guttered...

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A Poster
4872 Days Ago
Due to excessive comment spam, messages must await approval by the Webslave (Noswonky) before being displayed.

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Saturday, September 13 2008

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Parking and Drumming

I like it when parking ticket machines go into hiding - and this morning one did...

The sight (and site) of free parking

Today the people of Lane Cove gathered around to beat drums mercilessly for a couple of hours...

The people of Lane Cove beating drums

Drums after a good beating


It was local election day, so Mother asked me to take her to vote. Actually, I've never voted in a council election and have never been fined or suffered any retribution - not even a strongly worded letter.

But we went to vote. There were only two political parties represented on the ballot for our ward - Liberal and Greens - which made the choice fairly simple for both of us.

Voting place

Garbage Debacle

Due to gross negligence by members of the Noswonky household, we have missed the garbage collection two weeks in a row. This has resulted in the phenomenon of 'garbage overflow'.

Yuko approached a garbage middle-person who agreed to accept our garbage in exchange for ice-cream credits. I was then tasked with transporting the garbage to the intermediary...

Garbage ready for transport

But when I arrived at the destination, the available receptacle proved inadequate...

Inadequate garbage receptacle

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Friday, September 12 2008

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Rather than just reading the SMH, I'm now writing it too... well... I wrote this bit for today's Column 8...

After the item was appeared, messages poured in from readers... well I got one SMS from an occasional blog reader...

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Thursday, September 11 2008

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I've noticed that the area where I'm working now has a lot of dummies! When I mentioned this to one of my co-workers, he said he hadn't noticed anything unusual about the dummy population in the area. I therefore present the evidence below. All these pictures were taken within one block of my place of work....

Here's the slideshow.

And here's an unrelated video...

From Message
Laughing Mole
4881 Days Ago
"I've noticed that the area where I'm working now has a lot of dummies!"

I often feel that way too.

From Message
4881 Days Ago
I feel quite at home there.

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Sunday, September 7 2008

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Staying Home to Rot

Today was Fathers' Day. For this reason, we eschewed Epitome and all other restaurants due to the expected crowds. Instead we stayed home rotting...

Breakfast at home - it looks like yesterday, but it's not. Note the different position of Yuko's marmelade!

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Saturday, September 6 2008

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Breakfast at home

No Epitome today. Instead we had a small breakfast at home to save our hunger for...

The Pumpkin

To celebrate Yuko's birthday (which was yesterday) we went to La Zucca for lunch. We believe that La Zucca means The Pumpkin. But rather than the decor being chosen based on the name, the name was chosen based on the decor! We know this because the decor was the same back when the building was occupied by Yellow...

The pumpkins were there before the restaurant

The food at La Zucca was quite nice. We mainly ate pasta and seafood. However we were the only customers in the restaurant which makes one wonder...

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Friday, September 5 2008

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Today was Yuko's birthday. She received some gifts and got very excited...

We will celebrate more fully tomorrow.

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Tuesday, September 2 2008

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Now that I'm working in the city (more or less) again, Yuko can meet me after work for dinner. So that's what we did today.

But before that, I was forced to perform a bizarre ritual...

At the place where I park my car, the early-bird rate - $15/day - requires that you exit the carpark by 7pm. As our dining would easily extend beyond 7pm, I would lose my earlybird rights, and thus be forced to pay $48!

So instead, I returned to the carpark before meeting Yuko, paid my $15 and drove my car out into the street. I then did one lap of the block and drove back into the same carpark and parked there again. By doing this, I only had to pay $12 for the rest of the evening making a total of $27 for the day - a saving of $21!

I met Yuko at the QVB and we went to Akaneya. The footpath outside the restaurant was undergoing an archaeological dig, requiring us to cross a flimsy bridge-of-death to reach the door...

Akaneya and the bridge of death

Once inside we ate, drank and made merry...

Inside Akeneya
Making merry

Yuko ordered rice, but didn't eat it and asked for a doggy bag. She then ate it as a rice ball in the car as we drove home...

Yuko eats a rice ball in the car

From Message
4885 Days Ago
instead of !@#$ing around, can u post a few (say3-4) recommendations for a Japanese joint in town? medium to expensive range?

From Message
4881 Days Ago

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Monday, September 1 2008

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Bridge Chaos

Shortly after setting out in the morning to drive to work I heard a traffic report on the radio saying that a truck had toppled over on the Harbour Bridge. Then, when I got to the freeway approach, the big electronic sign said that the Bridge was CLOSED! So I took the exit at Artarmon and caught the train instead.

But when the train got to Wollstonecraft, the driver announced that we had to wait there because a helicopter was landing on the Bridge and all trains were stopped!

When we eventually crossed the bridge I got a good view of the carnage...

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