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Saturday, September 13 2008

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Parking and Drumming

I like it when parking ticket machines go into hiding - and this morning one did...

The sight (and site) of free parking

Today the people of Lane Cove gathered around to beat drums mercilessly for a couple of hours...

The people of Lane Cove beating drums

Drums after a good beating


It was local election day, so Mother asked me to take her to vote. Actually, I've never voted in a council election and have never been fined or suffered any retribution - not even a strongly worded letter.

But we went to vote. There were only two political parties represented on the ballot for our ward - Liberal and Greens - which made the choice fairly simple for both of us.

Voting place

Garbage Debacle

Due to gross negligence by members of the Noswonky household, we have missed the garbage collection two weeks in a row. This has resulted in the phenomenon of 'garbage overflow'.

Yuko approached a garbage middle-person who agreed to accept our garbage in exchange for ice-cream credits. I was then tasked with transporting the garbage to the intermediary...

Garbage ready for transport

But when I arrived at the destination, the available receptacle proved inadequate...

Inadequate garbage receptacle

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