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Sunday, September 21 2008

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Aeroplane, Shed and Chair

Unusually, I went out walking before breakfast. As I walked through the park, I saw an aeroplane fly over - and it looked a bit odd. The wings seemed wider and the underside flatter than a 747. Then I remembered that Qantas was taking delivery of the new Airbus A-380 today. I think this is it...

Later I came upon the Tambourine Bay Boat-shed which is now being re-built. It was destroyed by fire in suspicious circumstances in September 2006.

And finally, in the College - a chair and a pipe - cloesly coupled - no doubt for some bizarre private school ritual...


In the afternnon we went to Harris Technology to purchase some technology-related items which need not concer the reader. However, we did see a rather strange mode of transport in the carpark...

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