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Tuesday, September 16 2008

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The Dome

Today is Tuesday. Every Tuesday (well, at least once before) Yuko meets me after work in the city and we go to either a dandy or a scum restaurant. Tonight we went to The Dome which falls into the dandy category.

Last time we went there I wrote in a disparaging tone about how they charged us $9 for a liquid indistinguishable from tap water. On that occasion I did actually ask for 'water'. This time, they brought the water without me asking for it but still charged $9.00 for it. That's how I know it's a dandy restaurant!

We also noticed that they've removed Grant Hackett's pants from the wall. I guess that's because he only won a silver medal.

The dome at The Dome

Note the new art on the wall - replacing Grant Hackett's pants

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