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Sunday, March 30 2008

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Tomorrow's Coffee

Through the wonders of Google Technology, I am able to publish tomorrow's coffee picture a day early!


At the urging of blog reader Lady Macbeth, I went yesterday to Harvey Norman at Chatswood to buy Mother a new cordless phone. It's the same model that Lady Macbeth has, with two handsets and a built-in answering machine. To day I took it to Mother's house and connected it to the wires and stuff.

Mother's new phone

I also took the opportunity to check the progress of Mother's art work. I has changed since my last viewing in the sense that the artist has turned it upside-down. I put it to her that she had been influenced by that great artist of the 20th Century Mr. Squiggle.

Mother's painting - now upside down

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Saturday, March 29 2008

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Earth Hour

In the evening we turned off our lights, and drove (in our fossil-fuel-burning vehicle) to Milsons Point to watch the city go dark for Earth Hour.

Surprisingly, we were able to park right beside the water on the loop road that goes under the SHB. We took our blanket and looked for a grassy spot to sit. However, it was raining slightly and so we ended up on the grass under the bridge approach. But after a while the rain stopped and we moved to a better location with a view of the SOH and the city.

On the blanket
Under the bridge

When the lights went out it was very exciting, but things went off one at a time, making it hard to see the overall difference in the city skyline. The Opera House was several minutes late in switching off, but when it did, it was almost invisible.

We watched the darkness for a while and then decided to go and see if Luna Park was in darkness too. It was (a bit). The face and many of the rides were in darkness, but there were still a lot of decorative lights inside the park.


We then watched the lights come back on from Luna Park...



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Friday, March 28 2008

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Encounter at Mac

Since returning to the North Ryde area to work I've been a bit scared to go to Macquarie Centre for fear that I might encounter someone I 'know'.

But the chances of that happening are pretty slim - or so I thought - so today I went to Mac at lunch time, only to have my fears realised!

As I was browsing some books, I heard a voice behind me say Noswonky! I turned fearfully and immediately recognised the face of blog reader [Name Omitted], who engaged me in a wide-ranging conversation mainly involving cynicism and derision aimed at a variety of organisations and individuals.

He looked quite different from the way he looked in November 2003 when I met him at Epitome as described in that classic blog posting entitled Deal Goes Down.

We were soon joined by a second dude who was also familiar to me but whose name I didn't remember. But fortunately he remembered his own name.

I then took their picture...


In the evening, Yuko drank an $11 glass of beer at Taiki...


Then we enjoyed dessert at Epitome...

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Tuesday, March 25 2008

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Today I received an unsolicited set of drumsticks in the mail...


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Monday, March 24 2008

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I've heard that plumbers are very well paid, so today I decided to try it.

First, I went to Mother's house to borrow her huge iron bar with a sharp bit on one end...

Mother's huge iron bar with a sharp bit at one end only just fitted in the car!

Then, I used the aforementioned bar, to destroy a thing that looked like plumbing which was in the middle of our driveway...

Destroying plumbing

By chance, I happened to have at hand a round plastic thing which just fitted the hole, so I screwed it down while Yuko took my picture...

Screwing it down

The result was a white round circular thing where once there was a white round circular thing...

White round circular thing and the plumbing I destroyed earlier.

I then received payment...

Getting paid

I think I'll stick to computers.

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Sunday, March 23 2008

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Good Friday
Easter Sunday


At Easter, we choose to gorge ourselves on chocolate Bilbies - not Bunnies...

Smashed Bilby


There were Easter buns in abundance in the village...

Yuko photographs buns


As we approached Epitome, a man of European origin (perhaps German) stopped us and offered to sell us strawberries from a trolley he was wheeling about the carpark. It looked a bit dodgy, but Yuko still bought a box of the red fruit.

Buying strawberries from a German dude

Eating a strawberry

Teapot Design

In this video, Yuko discusses teapot design...

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Thursday, March 20 2008

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After we told Mother about RC - the new Thai restaurant at Lane Cove - she wanted to try it, so we went there again tonight.

We ordered different dishes and found them to be much better than last time. Perhaps there is still hope for RC.

Yuko at RC

Mother at RC (Delhi Hutt in the background)

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Tuesday, March 18 2008

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Delhi Hutt

Tonight we tried yet another new restaurant in Lane Cove - Delhi Hutt - an Indian establishment in The Village.

Hutt Outside

Hutt Inside

They have belly dancing one night of the week, but we chose to go on a non-belly night.

We ordered curry and curry. It was adequate, although one of the dishes we ordered turned out to be significantly hotter than expected.

Curry and Curry

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Monday, March 17 2008

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Today I ate a piece of broccoli...

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Sunday, March 16 2008

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We went to Collaroy again, but for the first time, for breakfast rather than lunch. It was very exciting and the eggs were much better than last week's disgusting fish.

We should have sat at this table


Yuko on the beach

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nice photos, nice view

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Saturday, March 15 2008

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Bunny Dead

The Anglican Church claims that the Easter Bunny is dead! They may be right.


Mother's epic painting is progressing at incredible speed...

Mother's Painting

Bridge of Death

Today I visited the bridge of death. It has been marked with an "X"!

Bridge of Death

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Friday, March 14 2008

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Starlight Cinema

Starlight cinema has come to my place of work for a four-day run of movies. We didn't attend, but today I saw the screen being erected. It appears to be inflatable, or at least supported by an inflatable framework.

Starlight Cinema screen


Tonight we went to RC. Not Red Chopstick, but Royal Cuisine, a relatively new Thai restaurant at Lane Cove.

RC Outside
RC Inside

We ordered red curry chicken so that we could compare it with the red curry chicken from Red Chopstick (the other RC). It was completely different and less good, so we were moderately disappointed. However the place is very nice - on the first floor with an outdoor covered balcony area. There are also wall paintings of animals we might like to kill and eat...

Yuko thinks about eating this animal
Yuko Swirls

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Tuesday, March 11 2008

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As I was leaving work to go to a lunch appointment, I saw this duck wandering the grounds...



It was time repay my debts and buy lunch for [Name Omitted] and [Name Omitted]. I also invited [Name Omitted] even though she hasn't done anything for me.

We met at the Stamford hotel and had lunch at the Parrots bistro.

When I arrived at the Stamford, [Name Omitted] gave me a laminated feather which he had extracted from a dead bird (he denied direct involvement in the bird's death). He said that the feather was a wedding present. I was very happy to receive it!

Feather from dead bird

Diner 1
Diner 2

Diner 3
Easter Egg and bunnies

Drinh at the Red Chopstick

In the evening we went to the Red Chopstick with Mother.

There was an unusual item on our bill...

I ordered a drinh

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Sunday, March 9 2008

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We skipped breakfast and saved our hunger for lunch at The Deck at Collaroy.

The Deck

Yuko reclines on the Deck

I ate dry and unappealing fish. In retrospect, I should have ordered the fresh succulent fish.


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Saturday, March 8 2008

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When I went walking in the morning, I witnessed the highest tide I've ever seen. Perhaps this is due to the melting of the Greenland ice sheet...


The controversial Woolworths development at Lane Cove has now progressed to the wooden boards stage. It's very exciting to watch it take shape...



The current whaling controversy is escalating as the Japanese whalers and the Sea Shepherd fight it out in the Southern Ocean.

To avert hostilities breaking out in the Noswonky household, I choose not to discuss the topic. However it's difficult to avoid when it appears on TV.

Here's how the conflict was summarised on Japanese TV...

Whaling explained

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Wednesday, March 5 2008

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I was sitting in the cafe at work reading the paper, when I noticed that the picture in the paper was of the very same building that I could see through the window in front of me - freaky!


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Tuesday, March 4 2008

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Today I took a day of sick leave - which is not technically correct because, being a contractor I don't actually get 'leave' in the usual sense. Therefore, taking a day off is an expensive luxury not to be entered into lightly.

Yuko gave me a mysterious white powder (from Japan) which she claimed would make me feel good - so I swallowed it...

Yuko supplies me with white powder

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Monday, March 3 2008

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Each morning on the way to work I stop to buy a newspaper at the big fossil fuel outlet on Epping Road. It was there that I took this arty picture of the golden arches...


Yuko's fruit processing operation is now in full swing. She picks them and suspends them on ropes in the garden where they ferment and dry.

We don't actually know what kind of fruit it is, but Yuko assures me that it's edible. I tried eating one but it was not to my taste.

Fruit factory

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Saturday, March 1 2008

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I went out walking early in the morning and stumbled upon a location...


It turned out to be a filming location. There were big vans of equipment and groups of people wandering about dressed in 19th century clothes.


Then I saw three more exciting things...

Blue Cones

Dead Rat


Old Dude and Case

While browsing the newspaper at Epitome, I was shocked to recognise the dude on the cover of one of the insert magazines. An article inside the magazine talked about how even someone of his advanced age is still able to operate a computer and even get paid for it. A shocking concept indeed. I hope I will still be able to operate a computer when I'm that old!

My elderly former colleague and collaborator (right)

Meanwhile, Yuko has taken to carrying a schoolbag which she claims is 100 years old...

100 year old case


Occasional blog reader known as Lady Macbeth sent Mother an SMS message. But Mother is not a texter, and doesn't know how to access SMS messages. So I was asked to teach Mother how to retrieve it. But when we read the message we were slightly confused...

Message on Mother's phone (Note that Mother's name is not Dennis)

From Message
A Poster
5169 Days Ago
Due to excessive comment spam, messages must await approval by the Webslave (Noswonky) before being displayed.

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