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Saturday, September 22 2007

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Today was the day on the Indian Bazaar.

This is an annual event held at St. Ignatius College in support of mimes and other non-speaking entertainers.

Giant Lizards

In the afternoon we were invaded by two (2) huge monster lizards. Unfortunately we were only able to photograph one of them because of the fleeting nature of the second monster's appearance.

It was very scary!

Drinking and Car Crashing

Yuko's cousin Eri is visiting Sydney from Japan and it was time to socialise with her. Yuki Kumagai's band was playing tonight at the Commercial Hotel at Balmain so we decided to take Eri there for a night of jazz and drinking.

Yuko and her Cousin Eri
Yuki Kumagai and her band - The John Mackie Trio

Yuko's cousin gave me a present... Japanese dolls...

After we finished drinking, it was time to crash the car.

First we dropped Eri at her flat in Camperdown and then headed back towards the city with the aim of crossing the Harbour Bridge. But being unfamiliar with the route, I missed a critical turn and found myself heading onto the approach to the Anzac Bridge. This freaked me out, and in a moment of distraction disaster struck!

There was a loud bang and the car became airborne for an extended period. When we finally landed, I had a feeling that the car was no longer fully functional.

We had struck the end of a median strip leaving the front tyre flat. However, the clanging sound caused me to suspect that there was more damage than just the flat tyre.

Flat tyre and the median strip the we hit

As we were stopped on the freeway, it was clearly not safe to attempt a tyre change. I called the NRMA and they said that they're not allowed to work on a car on the freeway - presumably because it's not safe. They said they would call the RTA who would send a truck from the harbour bridge to tow us off the freeway. So we waited...

Belinda disabled on the freeway

After about 30 minutes a vehicle with flashing lights parked in our lane some distance behind us. Then a dude walked up the road to where we were parked. I thought this was the dude sent to help us. But it turned out that he was from Sydney Busses, and had just spotted us and decided to check whether we had help coming.

After another 20 minutes another vehicle with flashing lights appeared. This time it was the correct dudes.

One of the RTA dudes from the Harbour Bridge

The parked behind us to divert traffic around our car, and then changed the wheel.

RTA dude changes tyre while I watch

After the dudes changed the tyre, we tried driving a short distance to see if it was ok. We followed the RTA dudes off the freeway and the car seemed ok. So we thanked them for their help and they left us to find our way home.

We got home at about midnight, almost three hours after leaving the pub.

And here's a video...

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