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Thursday, July 26 2007

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Sushi Night

Tonight, the Japan Foundation in Sydney hosted a night of sushi making. Visiting master sushi chef Ken Kawasumi from the Tokyo Sushi Academy was demonstrating his sushi making skills to a spellbound audience.

Our friend Keiko was involved in organising the event and she asked Yuko and me to photograph it for the Tokyo Sushi Academy. I was shooting video using two cameras provided by the TSA, and Yuko was shooting stills.

Keiko also acted as the interpreter for the Sushi Master as he only spoke Japanese during the presentation.

From the right - me with the camera, Keiko at the microphone, Yuko, and Kawasumi Sensei on the stage

It was hard work for both of us. Yuko was running around frantically always seeking out the best angle. I left one camera on a tripod but hand held the other one for the full 90 minute presentation. For much of that time I had to hold the camera up above my head (as in the picture above) to get a good shot. By the end of the evening, my arms felt like jelly!

Kawasumi Sensei in action

Sushi Master, with Yuko and me taking pictures
Noswonky shooting

Rolling sushi
Keiko interpreting (chef's assistant in background)

But it was more than just making sushi... It was sushi art...

Rabbit and snails
The Opera House is made of squid

Keiko and the Sushi Master
Not sure what this is

We were not the only ones taking pictures

I was able to take a copy of the video I shot before returning the cameras to the TSA. Here is the edited version...

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