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Sunday, July 29 2007

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Today we met Laughing Mole at Epitome. I took a picture of him, but unfortunately there was a dark shadow across his face...

Laughing Mole


After Epitome, Yuko suddenly wanted to go to a gadget shop. So I took her to Domayne at North Ryde.

Not surprisingly, while I was looking elsewhere, Yuko bought somehting... a printer/copier/fax machine...

Yuko at Domayne
Unpacking the machine

Then, she took our old fax machine (which still works) outside and left it on the nature strip for anyone who wants it. I missed taking a picture, so Yuko later re-enacted the event for the camera using phone-books to represent the fax machine...

Re-enactment of the disposal of the old fax machine

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Saturday, July 28 2007

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The upstairs section at Epitome is still being renovated...

So again, we sat in what used to be the LVL1 restaurant and is now Epitome's back room.

Epitome's back room (formerly LVL1)

Sushi Aftermath

In the aftermath of Thursday's Sushi night, today we took the photos and video (and the two cameras) over to Keiko's house. She will send them to the Tokyo Sushi Academy in Japan. They will probably use the video to produce a DVD for their own promotional purposes.

Yuko and Keiko

The Sushi Master was there too. Keiko and Edwin were going to take him and the other guy to the airport later in the day for their flight back to Japan.

Edwin gropes the Sushi Master while the other guy freaks out

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Friday, July 27 2007

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Canon and Chicken

Every day on my way to work, I walk past the Canon office. But today I noticed that the sign has been ripped down...

Sign (which was previously there)

Then, in the evening we went to Mother's house and ate a chicken...

Chicken (which was subsequently eaten)

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Thursday, July 26 2007

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Sushi Night

Tonight, the Japan Foundation in Sydney hosted a night of sushi making. Visiting master sushi chef Ken Kawasumi from the Tokyo Sushi Academy was demonstrating his sushi making skills to a spellbound audience.

Our friend Keiko was involved in organising the event and she asked Yuko and me to photograph it for the Tokyo Sushi Academy. I was shooting video using two cameras provided by the TSA, and Yuko was shooting stills.

Keiko also acted as the interpreter for the Sushi Master as he only spoke Japanese during the presentation.

From the right - me with the camera, Keiko at the microphone, Yuko, and Kawasumi Sensei on the stage

It was hard work for both of us. Yuko was running around frantically always seeking out the best angle. I left one camera on a tripod but hand held the other one for the full 90 minute presentation. For much of that time I had to hold the camera up above my head (as in the picture above) to get a good shot. By the end of the evening, my arms felt like jelly!

Kawasumi Sensei in action

Sushi Master, with Yuko and me taking pictures
Noswonky shooting

Rolling sushi
Keiko interpreting (chef's assistant in background)

But it was more than just making sushi... It was sushi art...

Rabbit and snails
The Opera House is made of squid

Keiko and the Sushi Master
Not sure what this is

We were not the only ones taking pictures

I was able to take a copy of the video I shot before returning the cameras to the TSA. Here is the edited version...

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Wednesday, July 25 2007

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Land of the Long Yellow Banana - The Video

There's also a Longer Version.

Pre-Sushi Day

Tomorrow is a big day for Sushi!

After work, I met Yuko in the city and we had dinner at Yama in the Q.V.B.

Yuko arrives at Yama

Earlier she had met with Keiko who had given her some stuff related to tomorrow's sushi extravaganza.

First... $100 cash ($50 each) from the Tokyo Sushi Academy for the work we will do for them tomorrow...

Note and cash

And also some Japanese goodies...

Japanese goodies

And finally, two video cameras which I will use to earn my $50 tomorrow...


We are very excited.

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Monday, July 23 2007

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Land of the Long Yellow Banana (III)

In the morning Yuko brushed her teeth and we went to a cafe by the river for a lazy breakfast. This beats going to work!

Yuko washes her teeth
A quiet cafe beside the river

Then we walked around for a last look at some of the sights of Banana Land...

The Noswonkys in Banana Land
Crossing the Goodwill Bridge

Queensland Parliament

Then... to the airport...

Banana technology - put $2 in the slot and a Taxi comes. It worked!

Check in is very easy using this machine. But then you have to queue up to "drop off" your luggage.

We were trying to see our luggage being loaded onto the plane. Instead we saw a dog...

Dog enters plane

As can be seen from the map below, our plane was so big that we could have simply boarded near the tail in Brisbane, and disembarked just in front of the wing in Sydney. But they insisted on taking off.

Big plane

But the wing looked normal size...


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Sunday, July 22 2007

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Land of the Long Yellow Banana (II)


Yuko was very happy today because Japan humiliated Australia in the Soccer...

City of Brisbane

After breakfast in the Queen Street Mall, we walked to South Bank.

Brisbane - A city with balls
Walking at South Bank

We came upon a stone which told us that Brisbane has some connection to Osaka...

Stone - Where is Tasmania?

Nepalese Peace Pagoda
Brisbane River

Which city is this anyway?


In the afternoon... the reason for out trip to Brisbane...

Yuka, a 12-year old Japanese girl who is the cousin of our frequent visitor Kazuki, is on a school trip to Australia. So we took the opportunity to pay her a visit in Brisbane. The trip is a joint exercise involving an Australian and a Japanese school, so Yuka is staying with the family of one of the local students, and attending the local school during her stay.

Before leaving our hotel, Yuko indulged in the ancient Japanese art of Origami by making a paper crane...

Paper crane

We then called a taxi and travelled to the house of the Brisbane family where Yuka is staying. It took about 30 minutes. When had arranged in advance that we would be there at 4pm, but when we arrived, there was nobody home!

The house in a Brisbane suburb

But after about 15 minutes, the family arrived back from an outing at the park. We then met Yuka and her host family...

They have two daughters of a similar age to Yuka, and there is also another Japanese girl (Yuki) from Yuka's school staying there.

Yuka and Yuki in the centre, surrounded by their host family

We had heard that at Tokyo airport there had been a problem with Yuka's luggage. Apparently the bag was locked and the key had been lost, causing a problem at check-in. They had been forced to break the lock to open it. This sent Yuka's parents into a panic which spanned two hemispheres!

So we were eager to see the errant luggage container which, we had been led to believe had been almost destroyed in the incident. But when we finally saw it, it looked fine...

The luggage - Reports of its destruction were wildly exaggerated

Night in Brisbane

After leaving Yuka, we took a taxi back to the city and walked along South Bank to a Chinese restaurant beside the river.

Brisbane at Night

The Chinese food was quite nice, but there was too much of it...

Chinese Food

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Saturday, July 21 2007

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Land of the Long Yellow Banana (I)


Today we flew to Brisbane...

Check in at Sydney
Our aeroplane

Brisbane Airport


I only booked our accommodation last night and was surprised by how difficult it was to find hotel rooms. I eventually found a room in West End, which is away from the city centre, but close enough to walk. It turned out to be an apartment rather than a hotel room. It was very nice indeed...

Yuko in the hotel room

Yuko looks at the map

We arrived late in the afternoon and soon went searching for food. We walked to the city, crossing the Brisbane River and passing the Casino...

Brisbane River
The Casino

Yuko asked a woman of Korean appearance if she knew of a good Korean restaurant and she directed us to Gaya. It was quite good despite the fact that the food burned out our throats.

Gaya Bar?
Gaya Food

As we were not driving, we took the opportunity to do some serious drinking...

More drinking

Then... sleep...

Yuko wears pants
Sleep time

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Thursday, July 19 2007

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To Brisbane

We have suddenly decided to go to Brisbane this weekend! I will take a day off work on Monday so we will have three days in the land of the long yellow banana. The purpose of our trip is yet to be revealed...

Flights booked


Mother came to dinner and was eager to see our new washing machine which we have named "Bart"... because it's a Simpson.

Mother meets Bart

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Tuesday, July 17 2007

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Global Warming Strikes

The last two days have been the coldest for a long time. On both mornings, I emerged from the house to find my car covered with ice. At first I thought it was just the usual covering of dew. But when I turned on the windscreen wipers, the difference became clear. The wipers didn't clear the "dew", but instead just made a scraping sound as they struggled to move across the icy glass.

Ice on the roof of my car
Ice on the windscreen

The view from my car

New Bridge

The new pedestrian bridge is now up, spanning Longueville Road. They built it beside the road and then lifted it into place in one piece in the dead of night.


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Sunday, July 15 2007

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Lane Cove Council has installed radiation shields...

Sabino the Brazilian

The day finally arrived for us to pick up the photos from the Brazillian Photo Shoot back in March.

In the afternoon we drove over to Sabino's studio at Balmain to look at the final prints and hand over a huge amount of money to him.

Yuko in the Brazilian's Studio

The pics

Later, we went to Mother's house to show her the pictures.

Mother looks at the photos

We will be scanning the prints for publication soon.


After visiting the Brazilian, we toyed with the idea of visiting a cosy cafe at Balmain. But for reasons too complex to explain, we ended up having take-away coffee from Maccas at St. Leonards! It bordered on barbarism...


Yuko tests her wireless connection at St. Leonards

Waste Disposal

Meanwhile, Vito has put our waste out on the nature strip. It won't be picked up until Thursday, so it will be sitting there illegally for a few days.

Illegally deployed waste - Including washing machine

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Saturday, July 14 2007

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Today, we went to The Rocks...

Yuko in a blur at The Rocks

There weer bears up there...

It was cold, so we retreated into a dark pub where Yuko pulled out her computer and wireless Internet card...

Yuko surfs the web

And I took a picture of the S.O.H...

S.O.H. - Arty or pretentious?


Mother had a partial blackout in the evening. Only her power-points were blacked out, while the lights remained on. Usually this is just caused by a tripped circuit breaker - which was the case this time. I went around to her house at about 9pm to flip the switch.

Mother - in the depths of the blackout


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Friday, July 13 2007

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The Androids

The Androids were playing live in Martin Place today. I used to see them on Lost in Space many years ago. It was very exciting indeed...


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Monday, July 9 2007

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Internet at Epitome

Yuko was eager to test our new wireless Internet card in various locations before we commit to signing up for the service. You can connect to the network before signing up, but the access is restricted to the Unwired sign-up page.

So I took the card with me to work and tried it at the office, at a cafe and in the QVB. The signal was good everywhere.

Then in the evening we gave it the ultimate test - Epitome.

Yuko at Epitome
Inserting the card

The signal at Epitome was adequate, so we signed up for the service on the spot.

Harley Davidson was interested to see what we were doing, so we showed him the hardware and gave him a demo of the system. He also told us that Epitome had recently been the victim of a robbery! A computer and a bag containing CD backups had been stolen from the back office.

Mother's Phone Debacle

When I tried to call Mother from Epitome, her phone was engaged and it continued to be engaged for a long time. We suspected a debacle (rather than a long conversation) was the cause, so we decided to visit Mother on the way home from Epitome.

As we suspected, the cause of the engaged signal was that Mother had failed to hang up the phone correctly. She actually has two phone handsets - one normal, and one cordless - which are side by side on her table. She had hung up the normal phone on the base of the cordless phone, resulting in a permanent engaged signal...

Phone debacle - handset on wrong base

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Sunday, July 8 2007

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Yuko at Yellow

Unwired Experiment

We decided to try wireless Internet, mainly for use while sipping coffee at Epitome. So we went and bought the device. It turns out that it doesn't work at our house, but it doesn't really matter, as long as it works when we're out.

The box
This signal is not strong enough to work

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Saturday, July 7 2007

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Kitty Hawk

The USS Kitty Hawk is in town so we decided to go into the city to fraternise with the sailors. We drove into the city and walked around a bit but didn't see any sailors. I later learned that this was because they were all in civilian clothes and therefore difficult to recognise. And thus our fraternisation plan was thwarted.

We then walked to Woolloomooloo to see the ship first hand. On the way, we saw a pig and a fence climber.

Fence climber

I also too the opportunity to take another arty picture of those enormous match sticks.

Arty or Pretentious?

Arse end of the Kitty Hawk

Side of the Kitty Hawk

After seeing the Kitty, we stopped at the art gallery to visit the cafe there...

Eating at the NSW Art Gallery

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Friday, July 6 2007

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When Christians Go Wild

I emerged from the warm safety of my glassy office building into the filth of the city streets, to be confronted by a scene of mayhem, chaos, and religious fervor...

When Christians go Wild!

Cochlear in the News

My former employer has been in the news recently...

This would never have happened in Paul Trainor's day!

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Thursday, July 5 2007

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Window Cleaning

Today's blog is entirely devoted to window cleaning...

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Wednesday, July 4 2007

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There were some strange activities in Martin Place today...


Mother invited us to Maroo...


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Sunday, July 1 2007

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Yellow Things

At Lane Cove this morning, Belinda found a blue friend...

We went to Yellow. At Yellow Yuko asked for 'hot water with lemon'. The result was surprising - hot water in a pot, with lemon on the side. At least the lemon came with an Australian flag...

Yuko at Yellow
Yellow yellow lemon


Yuko's photographic activities have eaten up a lot of bytes. So today I took her shopping for storage. She came home with a terabyte of disk in the form of two external hard drives at a cost of 50c/GB.

Unpacking hard drives
Half terabyte drive

Whitegoods Again

We went to inspect Mother's whitegoods...

Mother's old fridge
Mother's new fridge

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