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Saturday, March 3 2007

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Mother's VCR

I took Mother's VCR to be repaired more than a month ago and they never called me. When I looked at the docket they'd given me, there was no phone number, and I didn't remember the name of the shop. So today I decided to go over to the shop which is at Northbridge.

The item was ready - and had been ready for some time! Fortunately, the repair was free because the machine was still under warranty. Mother was happy.

Video Shop

Happy Mother

Gays and Lesbians

In the late afternoon we drove over to the City to gawk at the sights of the Gay Mardi Gras. We didn't stay for the parade itself, but just observed the preparations. Afterwards, we ate Chinese at Regal in Sussex Street (see beer picture at top).

And here's some of what we saw...

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