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Sunday, February 25 2007

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Two weeks ago, we went to the Rozelle Market and Yuko bought a watch. She wanted to go back today to do some more deals with the same dude who sold her the watch. We went over there, but the dude was not there! So we had coffee and came home.

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Saturday, February 24 2007

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Yuko Berates the Japanese

At Yellow, Yuko related her experiences on her recent trip to Japan...


Mother wanted to visit the jewellery shop at Lane Cove and Yuko thought it was a good idea for her to go too. So we all went together. Fortunately, Yuko didn't buy anything.

Yuko and Mother outside the jewellery shop


On Thursday when I tried to start Belinda's engine to go to work, there was no response. It appeared to be a dead battery, but I didn't have time to do anything about it until today.

So I opened the bonnet, and Lo! I could not find the battery. Actually, I was able to find it after some searching.

So I called the NRMA (Yuko calls them "Norma"). They have a service where they will come and fit a new battery for free. But the woman on the phone said that in Belinda's case, they couldn't do it - it has to be done by the manufacturer! But she said they'd send a dude anyway to check and make sure that the battery was really the problem.

So the dude came and he said that the battery really was the problem. Then he got on the phone to his people and told me that in fact, "Norma" could change Belinda's battery. The only problem was that it's a special fitting and there are only two NRMA dudes in Sydney who know how to do it! Neither of them was available today. So the dude said I should call back on Monday to get the special dude to come and change the battery...

Belinda's Engine - Where is the batttery?
"Norma" arrives to fix Belinda

Hob Nob

To celebrate Yuko's return from Japan, we went to Hob Nob at Collaroy...


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Friday, February 23 2007

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Yuko Returns From the Dentist

Today Yuko returned from Japan where she went to visit the dentist. She brought back pictures that she took during the procedure...

And of course she took other pictures too..

She also brought me back a booty of gifts...

Booty - Noodles, Chocolate, Alcohol, Computer games, Card reader and iPod!

The computer games and card reader are from Kazuki. The iPod is my third, and just in time too as my second one was nearing the end of it's life - and 20GB seems so tiny.

80GB (Black as the Night) iPod - You can't beat it!

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Wednesday, February 21 2007

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Parking Debacle

This is my first week working at Bondi Junction and the parking situation over there is a bit difficult. Most of the street parking is metered with a two hour limit. But for the first couple of days, I was able to find an unrestricted spot on Edgecliff Road about 10 minutes' walk from the office.

Belinda on Edgecliff Road. I'm driving Belinda this week because Yuko is in Japan

But then I found out that I was allocated one of the company's two parking spaces in the building! So today I parked there.

The previous day, my co-worker had parked under the building, but he didn't know the correct spot. He parked in the wrong spot and someone put a sign on his car. So today, when he arrived and saw a little yellow car parked in the company spot, he assumed that someone else had done the same thing - so he put the same sign on Belinda! This cause much mirth and laughter in the office when it became known.

The sign
The placer of the sign

The placer of the sign later said that he didn't think anyone from our company could be the owner of such a woosy car. And someone else told me that there's nothing wrong with being gay!

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Saturday, February 17 2007

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Yuko is away, so I went to Epitome alone. Then, I went walking...


Free Stuff and Small Debacle

When my company moved yesterday, there was a portable air-conditioner in the old office which was no longer needed and my boss said I could have it. So today I went over there to pick it up.

What I didn't realise was that it had water in it which condenses from the cold air when it operates. So when I lay it on its side on the back seat of my car, the water spilled out! However, it was only a small debacle. I then stood it upright and put a seatbelt around it for the trip home.

Air conditioner on Mitsy's seat. Note the water marks on the seat.

At home I connected the big hose and stuck it though the door that leads into our garage. It works moderately well, but I'll need to make a hole in the wall for the hot air hose before it can function to its maximum potential.

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Friday, February 16 2007

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The Move

Today we moved. By "we" I mean the company I work for. Being a small company, we just loaded everything into our cars and drove to the new office. As Mitsy is quite strong, she carried most of the computers. We didn't have to move furniture because the new office has shiny new desks and chairs.

Mitsy full of computers
And monitors

The new office is at Bondi Junction in a glistening glassy building. It's very nice indeed!

Setting up in the new office

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Thursday, February 15 2007

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Yuko Flies Out

Yuko flew out to Japan today to visit the dentist.

Yuko's luggage

As I was unable to drive her to the airport, she drove to the station and took a train. This meant that I had to go and pick up Belinda after work. The walk to Artarmon took 45 minutes - good exercise.

Belinda parked in a dark alley at Artarmon where Yuko had left her

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Wednesday, February 14 2007

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Valentine's Day

We went to Epitome for Valentine's Day dinner. The place was adorned with red balloons and each lady was given a rose.

A diner from a nearby table offered to take this picture

As we sipped our wine, we discussed Yuko's impending trip to Japan. She posed a hypothetical scenario which might happen to me while she's away. It was based on something that happened in 1993 which Yuko still remembers very well...

The meal was a set menu of five courses. I forgot to take a picture of the fourth course, which was beef, but here are the rest...

Scallops in Filo

Assortment of decadence

When we left, we took a balloon each.

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Tuesday, February 13 2007

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Today I went to Coogee for a meeting with a guru. The guru was wise and imparted his wisdom upon me as we drank beer...

Beer and Guru's hand


I changed Belinda's registration sticker. Belinda is now legal for another year...

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Sunday, February 11 2007

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Life Un-Simplified

Yuko suggested we go to Balmain for no particular reason. As we were leaving she was talking about how her life has become too complicated and how she's been trying to simplify it. One of the strategies she mentioned to simplify her life was reducing her number of watches.

I mention this only because when we got home, the number of watches she owned had increased by one!

At Balmain, we came upon a market place where we met a man selling various items, including several watches...

Yuko negotiates with a seller at the Balmain Market

I walked away and was just thinking about buying a DVD at another stall, when Yuko came over and asked me for all my cash! I managed to keep $5.00, but my DVD purchasing plans were comprehensively scuttled.

The watch

Yuko checks her purchase

Maroo Debacles

We went to Maroo with Mother in the evening. There were three problems which made the evening less adequate than usual. First, the place was extremely crowded. Second, there was no chicken! We had to order prawns instead. In addition, the ribs were sub-standard!

Sub-standard Cow

Because it was so crowded, there were no tables on the ground level and we had to go upstairs. That was ok, but the service was still quite slow as there was only one waitress handling the whole upper floor.

Then, at the end we asked for the bill and fruit. They always give us fruit at the end of the meal. The waitress said we had to go downstairs to pay the bill (which made sense) and to get fruit (which seemed a bit odd). Mother and I waited at our table while Yuko went downstairs to pay and to find out if it was really true that the fruit could not be brought to our table. She soon came back with the news that there had been a misunderstanding about the fruit. They brought it to our table after all. The waitress apologised and gave us a free can of Fanta...

Free Fanta
The elusive fruit

But the real reason we go to Maroo is so that Yuko can go to the Korean supermarket located nearby.

Korean Supermarket (from the back at night)

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Saturday, February 10 2007

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Dog Food and the Environment

Today Yuko (aka Dorothy) talks about the big issues facing the world...

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Friday, February 9 2007

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Altercation with Police at Fire

There was a fire near my workplace today, so of course I went to gawk at it. It was very exciting! While there, I had an altercation with a police woman. The following conversation took place:

Her: Is there any reason you're taking photos?
Me: Is there any reason I shouldn't?
Her: These people are trying to do their work?
Me: Am I interfering with them?

She didn't reply, so I resumed shooting. Her initial approach was captured in the video below, but I stopped shooting during the remainder of the conversation because I didn't want to be gunned down in a hail of bullets.

View from the back

View from the front

I think the fire was already under control or out before I arrived, so there was only a small amount of smoke. At first it looked like it was the St. George Bank building that had burned, because that's where the fire fighters seemed to be concentrating. But later I saw that it was actually the Chinese Takeaway shop two doors along from the bank.

Open Air Cinema

In the evening, we went out with Mother and Jan to the St. George Open Air Cinema which is located in the Botanic Gardens. As we were leaving, I noticed that our neighbour was sitting in the middle of our driveway talking on a mobile. She does that a lot!

We drove over there in Mother's car and I dropped Jan, Mother and Yuko at the site, and then went looking for a parking space. The metered spaces along the Mrs Macquarie's Point road were all taken. I ended up parking on a six hour meter right in front of the Art Gallery. Because Mother has a disabled parking authority, she can park on a meter without paying, so she instructed me not to pay!

At the cinema, we sat in the back row. There was an overhanging tree above us which had a bunch of bats in it. They were making a lot of noise, and every now and then "particles" would drop on us. I think they were just bits of the tree that were shaken loose by the bats, but Mother and Jan were worried about bat shit!

We took our dinner with us. Mother and Jan had sandwiches while Yuko and I had instant noodles.

My Noodles

They gave us free chocolate
Bat in the tree above our heads

The screen rises
The screen risen

The movie was The World's Fastest Indian.

It's the story of a Kiwi who has an "Indian" and urinates on a lemon tree. Then he goes to America so he gets the kid next door to urinate on his lemon tree while he's gone. In America he meets a black transvestite and rides his "Indian" really fast. Then he goes home and resumes urinating on the lemon tree.

We all liked it moderately. However Anthony Hopkins can't do a Kiwi accent (which may be a good thing).

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Wednesday, February 7 2007

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Tonight, I took out the garbage...

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Sunday, February 4 2007

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The Mask

Dog, No Sex, Woman

At about 5.30pm we went down to TabBayRes to meet some dogs. I was hoping to video another Dog Incident like the one that took place on new year's day.

On the way down to the park we saw a dog which looked like THE dog, but we weren't sure. Then later, it looked a couple of times like there might be a repeat of the incident, but alas not. Unfortunately, the dog in question was causing a ruckus with the other dogs and his owner leashed him before any incident could occur.

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Saturday, February 3 2007

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Mitsy Goes to the Doctor

Mitsy's registration is coming up, and I knew she needed a couple of new tyres, so I took her to the tyre doctor today.

The tyre doctor agreed with me that Mitsy needed two new front tyres. He also offered to do Mitsy's pink slip. I actually didn't know that the tyre doctor could do pinks, but he can so I told him to go for it.

So with two tyres, a wheel alignment and the pink thingy, it ended up costing close to $300.

Then I went and bought some clothes - a necessary evil.


I was feeling pretty lazy in the afternoon after my adventures with Mitsy and clothes shopping. But Yuko wanted to go out, and lured me with the promise that she'd let me eat fish and chips if I took her to Balmoral Beach. So we went to Balmoral Beach. We sat on a seat on the jetty to eat our food, and then Yuko took some pictures.

Yuko at Balmoral
Taking photos

Afterwards we walked along the promenade and came upon a troupe of actors performing a work by none other than The Bard himself!

Actors do The Bard

And then the Moon rose...

Moon Rises over the Baths

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Friday, February 2 2007

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Friday at Yellow


I went back to work on Wednesday despite still being slightly graunched. It is a measure of my graunchedness that on Wednesday I didn't take any photos at all!


Because of our graunchedness we had postponed a dinner with Mother last weekend, so tonight we took her to Taiki...

Mother at Taiki

Then coffee at Yellow, which is right next door to Taiki...

Yuko indicates at Yellow

When we got back to Mother's house, we saw a big fat hairy spider building a web...

Big fat hairy spider

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