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Sunday, December 31 2006

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And thus ends another eventful year in the Noswonky world.

(Picture by Kazuki)

New Year's Eve (III)

Kazuki is not a Riverview Dandy! He vetoed our plan to go to Epitome in favour of staying home and making pancakes.

Kazuki makes pancakes
Pancakes made by Kazuki

Then... after I had avoided immersion in natural bodies of water for close 30 years, Kazuki forced me to swim with him in the seawater pool at Collaroy. While swimming in the pool, I saw a jellyfish and felt seaweed with my feet - it was quite scary!

Kazuki and Me swimming

Kazuki and me not swimming

After swimming we had lunch at Hob Nob...

Thai food at Hon Nob

New Year's Eve (II)

Still too busy to blog. So here's a video of our low-key new year's eve celebration. Because Kazuki is staying with us, we couldn't go out to watch the midnight fireworks, and Kazuki wasn't even interested in seeing the 9pm show. So we stayed home....

New Year's Eve (I)


I'm too busy to do a normal blog entry - maybe later. But here's a video to keep readers amused.

(Note: Video contains strong language)

From Message
Laughing Mole
5613 Days Ago
Happy Birthday!

I'd like to add this for the correct day, but then I'd have to wait a week for you to get around to blogging it. :P

From Message
5612 Days Ago
Thank you Mr Mole. Maybe I'll move this comment to the correct day when it exists.

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Saturday, December 30 2006

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We went to Epitome for breakfast and Kazuki shouted us. He's a rich kid!

Kazuki at Epitome

While we were there, Kazuki did some of his homework. But he wrote some of it on the table cloth, so Yuko tore that piece off the cloth and we took it home.


After breakfast we went to the bait shop where Yuko and Kazuki bought a block of frozen dead fish for their day of fishing.

Then they went fishing for the rest of the day while I had free time. When they returned at about 7pm, Kazuki cleaned his gear and then cooked the fish he and Yuko had caught. I mentioned that there's a ban on eating fish caught west of the Harbour Bridge because they are contaminated with deadly poisons. But they ate them anyway.

Kazuki cleans his fish and gear

The catch

Cooking the poisoned fish

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Friday, December 29 2006

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Coffee Debacles

The traffic on the way to work this week has been Utopian - with so few cars on the road that my trip to work has only taken about 20 minutes compared to the usual 35 minutes.

Thus, on Wednesday I got over there quite early (8am) and went to Kenso cafe. But I walked out in disgust after sitting in the cafe for 20 minutes with no service. Kenso is now on my blacklist.

Fortunately, I still had time to have breakfast somewhere else, so I continued on to De Nero's. But it turned out that De Nero's is closed until January 8th!

I therefore ended up at another cafe called Meeks which is also just a short walk from work. It was adequate.

Visiting Minor

While I was at work, Yuko went to the airport by train to meet the unaccompanied minor who was due to arrive at 11am on JAL flight 777 from Japan. She called me at about 12:30pm to report a successful pickup.

This is Kazuki's third visit and he'll be staying with us until January 4th.

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Kazuki came bearing gifts...

Gift from Kazuki

From Message
5616 Days Ago
Happy New Year, you old man!

From Message
5615 Days Ago
Happy New Year to you too!

PS: I know how old you are.

From Message
5585 Days Ago
how you going kenso cafe is busy and rude

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Tuesday, December 26 2006

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Yellow Coffee


Epitome was closed today, so we were forced to go to Yellow instead. We'd only had breakfast there once before and we were not impressed. But today's breakfast was quite good.

For a while we were the only customers, but by the time we left, the place was about 30% full.

While we were at Yellow, a reader of this blog spotted us from the street and came in to say hello...

Nikki - Blog reader

Bike Cam

In the afternoon I went cycling. I attached the camera to the handlebars of the bike using a mounting bracket that was originally for mounting a camera on my telescope tripod. It was a good solid mounting, so I shot some video from the bike...

Camera mounted on bike

Christmas Tree

We usually go into the city some time around Christmas to see the Martin Place Christmas tree, and possible also the tree in the QVB. We decided to go this evening. Our plan was to have dinner in the city and then walk to the tree.

Our favourite Japanese restaurant in the city - Akaneya - was closed, so Yuko suggested a Chinese place in Sussex Street called Regal which she had heard about.

The food was very nice indeed, while the staff treated us like dirt.

Regal Restaurant
The Food

Then we walked to Martin Place...

Martin Place Tree

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Monday, December 25 2006

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Christmas Shoe Mystery

On Christmas morning, Yuko discovered that we'd had a visitor during the night, and it wasn't Santa Claus!

A Noswonky Christmas

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Sunday, December 24 2006

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Epitome was so packed today that we almost didn't get a table. But the staff removed the small Christmas tree from the table at the top of the stairs, and we sat there.

This table is not normally used. Note the Christmas tree on the floor behind Yuko which was removed to make way for us.

Yuko had printed some of the photos she took at Epitome yesterday, and gave them to the staff today. She also got a Christmas gift from them...

Yuko's gift from Epitome

A Christmas Eve Debacle

Last time we went to Collaroy, we saw this sign...

So we decided to go. Our plan was to take a picnic and sit on the beach listening to carols. It was raining a bit but we didn't think it would be enough to deter the beach carol singing. We took wet-weather gear in anticipation of rain.

But it was a debacle! There was no carol-singing! There wasn't even a sign to say that it had been cancelled. But at least we had food...

Collaroy Beach - Not a carol singer in sight
Just our two shadows

And here's a video...

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Saturday, December 23 2006

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Christmassy Epitome

Epitome was very Christmassy today. Yuko photographed the kitchen staff...

And this is Natalie...


Christmas Shopping

I went to Chatswood for some last minute Christmas shopping. The station area is currently a scene of devastation as the construction work at the station continues.

Chatswood station

While browsing in the Dick Smith Powerhouse I noticed that I'm not the only one who uses 'Mouses' as the plural of 'Mouse'...

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Wednesday, December 20 2006

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Single Coffee
Double Buggies

Pedestrian Accident Area

At Kensington, they have a special area dedicated to running down pedestrians...

Christmas Party

It was the company Christmas party tonight... and everybody attended. We went to Zilver, a Chinese restaurant in Pitt Street (near Central Station). Being a small company, we can still all fit at one table. I suspect this will not be the case next year.

The food was excellent, getting a score of 10/10 from the diners, including several Chinese employees.

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Tuesday, December 19 2006

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Monday, December 18 2006

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Sunday, December 17 2006

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It was time to turn on our Christmas lights. I didn't have to hang them because I hadn't taken them down since last year. But I did have to set up the electronic master control centre...

Christmas Light Master Control

Most of the lights still worked, but the snake-lights that adorn our roof has dropped on one side. I don't intend going up onto the roof to rectify this...

Noswonky Lights

Carols at Epitome

Tonight carols were sung in the plaza at Lane Cove. Rather than participate, we observed the festivities from the comfort of the balcony at Epitome which overlooks the plaza.

In this video, Yuko sings carols, including a Japanese version of Joy to the World...

Later, Yuko climbed on a wall to photograph a Christmas tree...

Yuko on the wall

From Message
5629 Days Ago
Good singing!

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Saturday, December 16 2006

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The Kibune Incident

Yuko is a Bond fan. That's 'Bond, James Bond' or 'Zero Zero Seven' as she calls him. So of course, we had to see the new Bond movie Casino Royale. We went to the Bill Hayden Orpheum at Mosman and Mother came too, despite not being a Bond fan.

It's the story of... well actually none of us understood the movie at all so I can't say what it was about - But Yuko liked it, Mother hated it and I was thought it was adequate.

Mother and Yuko at the theatre

But the real excitement of the day was the Kibune Incident...

After the movie we decided to have dinner at a nearby Japanese restaurant called Kibune. It's a tiny place with just a few small tables and barely room to walk between them.

Yuko at Kibune

Well... Yuko wasn't happy with the sushi rice and she mentioned it to the waitress (whom we believe was also the restaurant owner), and it escalated into a full blown "incident" involving another customer going at it with the owner out in the street! Anyway, at Epitome the following morning, Yuko tells the story...

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Friday, December 15 2006

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Thursday, December 14 2006

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Christmas in Riverview

Mother invited us to dinner, and afterwards we decided to go on a Christmas light tour of Riverview. Based on previous years, we didn't have high hope of seeing anything spectacular, but we went anyway.

At first out expectations were confirmed as we drove along street after street of dark houses broken only by an occasional tiny light display.

But then... lo!


Later, I found a shark on the floor in our laundry...

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Wednesday, December 13 2006

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Closer Buggies...

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Monday, December 11 2006

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Fujiko II

Yuko's new laptop arrived today from Japan. It's a Fujitsu Lifebook. We will call it Fujiko 2...

Fujiko 2
Fujiko 2 up close

Comparing Dixie and Fujiko 2

The instruction book contains some good advice illustrated by pictures...

Don't get too excited opening the box
Don't put the computer in the shower

Don't use the computer while driving
Look surprised when you see smoke

Don't use the computer at night

Yuko called her computer man to get Fujiko 2 set up...

Computer man
Yuko starts computing with Fujiko 2

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Sunday, December 10 2006

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The Tambourine Bay Christmas Dog Party

Today, dogs from the hither and thither of Lane Cove, gathered at Tambourine Bay Reserve to frolic at the the annual Dog Christmas party...

Dog Party (with some humans)

As we are not dogs, we did not join the party. But we had a picnic on the grass nearby and observed the activities. Then, Yuko went over and took some pictures while I lay on the grass...

Note Noswonky in background


Earlier... we went to Collaroy...

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Saturday, December 9 2006

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Death to Trees!

The scouts are selling dead trees again...


On the way back from Epitome, we stopped at a garage sale. I rarely buy anything at these sales, while Yuko usually buys a lot. However today, Yuko bought nothing, while I bought a laptop bag for $5.00. The guy also threw in a free mouse...

Mouse in bag

But there was a problem...

Bridge of Death

In the afternoon, we went for a walk together. I stood precariously on The Bridge of Death thinking about all the people who deserve to be thrown off it...

Standing on the Bridge of Death

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Friday, December 8 2006

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Thursday, December 7 2006

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Light and Maroo

Yuko needed some supplies from the Korean supermarket, so of course we went to Maroo for dinner.

First we picked Mother up, and saw her new security light. I bought this light a couple of weeks ago from Bunnings and Mother called an electrician to install it this week. Previously, Mother's front yard at night was very dark and it was quite dangerous trying to walk across the uneven ground at night. Now... the light turns on magically...

Light by Day
Light by Night

Maroo was surprisingly quiet tonight. In fact, by the time we left, we were the only customers in the place. The meat was a little below the usual standard, and we also found out that they have a new chef. I hope this is not the beginning of a decline at Maroo.

Outside Maroo
Inside Maroo


When we got home from Maroo, I shot the following video. Is has not been edited in any way - this is exactly how it happened...

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Wednesday, December 6 2006

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Just a couple of buggies today...

Bed Cover

Yuko bought a new bed cover today. She asked me if I liked it and after I said "yes", she said "so would you like to share?" - which means she wants half the money for it.

Bed Cover

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Tuesday, December 5 2006

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Almost Nothing

Almost nothing happened today. However, I did see a tomato buggy in the morning, and Yuko bought a lemon robe...


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Monday, December 4 2006

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Sunday, December 3 2006

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Destruction and Mayhem

The streets of Riverview were a scene of destruction and mayhem. Well... one branch broke off a tree...

Fallen Branch

New York's Grand Opening

The grand opening of 'New' York's was yesterday - but we missed it. When we were driving past in the morning there were balloons and barbecues out on the footpath, but we didn't stop to join the festivities.

But today, I got a chance to have a peek through the window...


Mother called and suggested we go and see the movie Borat. However, as the time approached, Yuko was not feeling well and decided to stay home, so Mother and I went went without Yuko.

The Hayden Orpheum - Named after our former Drover's Dog Governor General?

Borat is the story of an Englishman who goes to America pretending to be a Polish speaking Kazakh journalist. His mission, to make Americans a laughing stock, was deftly achieved.

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Saturday, December 2 2006

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Epitome Christmas

Epitome's Christmas decorations are up. There are two Christmas trees and a Santa in a sleigh perched precariously over the railing of the balcony. He doesn't look very comfortable...

Perched Santa

As usual, Yuko left me at Epitome while she went shopping for bargains. She returned with a colourful speaking clock. Unlike a normal clock, the one tells you a random time and then you have to set the hands yourself - it's a time dictator!

Pizza by Mail (II)

A couple of days ago, Yuko received a package containing pizza from her blogger friend in Italy. Actually, it was just packet containing a bag of powder to make the pizza base, and a can of tomato stuff, along with detailed instructions in Italian.

Fortunately, Yuko's friend had also emailed a Japanese translation of the instructions, so Yuko proceeded to make pizza.

Making the base

The tomato stuff is added and then you cook it a bit

Add toppings


It was quite good, but we concluded that the pre-cook phase needed to be longer to make the base more crunchy.

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Friday, December 1 2006

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Legless Bear

I stopped at Kensington in the morning to have coffee and Kenso's and found a legless bear on the ground. It was a sad sight indeed. I could have rescued the luckless animal from his homeless status, but instead I left him there to rot.

Luckless, legless bear


Mother came to our house for dinner. Yuko made pies...

Pie - Actually soup is a cup covered with pastry

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