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Saturday, August 19 2006

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Yesterday Yuko went to the park and took a series of pictures of two dogs having sex. I was disgusted!


We went to a house auction in Flaumont Street in the morning. We took Mother too.

Mother outside the auction house

It was a four bedroom/two bathroom house - perhaps 40 to 50 years old on 966 square metres of land.

This house actually belonged to the lawyer I employed briefly in 2003 after a CISRA employee sent me a threatening letter hand-delivered to my front door by a hired goon.

The bidding started at $900,000, but the auctioneer was insulted by this bid and rejected it, saying that $1.1M or $1.2M would be an appropriate starting point. But he accepted a bid of $1.0M and the bidding was slow after that. It was passed in at $1.125M (which was the seller's bid).

Yuko is usually very good at predicting auction prices. However this time her estimate of $1.6M was far too high.

Yuko inspects the house

Yuko inspects the pool


In the afternoon we went to see a movie with Mother.

Yuko and Mother at Macquarie Centre

The movie was called Kenny.

It's the story of a Melbourne man who works with shit. In addition to working with shit, his father, ex-wife, son, brother and members of the public all treat him like shit. All this makes hime very happy.

Mother and I liked the movie, but Yuko didn't understand a word of it. We then had coffee at the Silver Screen Cafe (see second coffee picture at top).

Outside The Silverscreen Cafe

Inside the Silverscreen Cafe

Collecting Bowels

We watched a program on the ABC yesterday called Collectors. We watched it and I decided to have a look at their website.

In the Gallery Section I was shocked to see this item...

From Message
Laughing Mole
5631 Days Ago
What about your under-the-bridge photos?

From Message
5631 Days Ago
I was disgusted by them too.

I actually went back there today (Monday) to see if the activity there was a regular event. Fortunately, there was nothing to disgust me today.

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5631 Days Ago
Prude - there's nothing wrong with sex in public places - I wish there was more of it!!! (Although perhaps, I wish even more that it was I involved...... Except if itvolves animals that is!) (GRIN)

I find it interesting that you were disgusted by them - and yet you went back and see if you could see them again!

From Message
5630 Days Ago
Well... I needed to be sure.

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