The Noswonky Web Log:

Wednesday, August 16 2006


On the way to work I saw an accident scene which was blocking the traffic in the other direction and causing chaos. It appeared that a truck had crashed into the side of another truck.

Of course, I slowed down to gawk at the scene - contributing to the disruption of the traffic on my side of the road.

No coffee

Today I was extremely busy at work due to the absence of my co-worker. This caused my coffee drinking to be late, and then I forgot to take a picture of it! So today's coffee picture is a previously unpublished picture from the archives.

I also missed having coffee in the afternoon! At least I was able to grab a Twix.

Waqu II

Having been to Waqu last week, we decided to take Mother there tonight.


The chicken I ate at Waqu last time was disappointing, so tonight I ordered more carefully and I liked the result much better. Mother also like it.

Yuko ordered the Sukiyaki cooked at your table in a paper cup. Strangely, it didn't catch fire.