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Saturday, August 12 2006

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Cameraygal Festival

The Cameraygal people were the inhabitants of our local area before the white invasion of 1788. Each year there is a festival to celebrate their existence.

The plaza at Lane Cove was buzzing with festival activities.

Buzzing with activity

Aboriginal dancers?


We went to photograph the sunset from the top of the Gladesville Bridge. Of course, you can't stop your car on the bridge, so we had to park nearby and walk.

It is a little known fact, that this is the largest single-span concrete arch bridge in Gladesville!

The Gladesville Bridge

We found the walkway to the bridge roadway...

The walkway itself was very narrow - strictly single file.

While Yuko photographed through the bars, I climbed over the railing and dangled over the edge to get this picture...

Then, the sun set...

From Message
Laughing Mole
5642 Days Ago
Are you sure you can't stop your car on Gladesville Bridge? I've seen people do just that, and even get out for a stroll - no doubt to take a piccy of the sunset. I've sent you a photo.

From Message
5642 Days Ago
I could be wrong.

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