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Wednesday, August 2 2006

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Belinda was left out in the cold all night again! Poor Belinda! This time it was Yuko's fault, as I don't normally drive Belinda during the week.

When Belinda is left out, it forces me to reverse Mitsy all the way down our driveway, as Belinda occupies the space where I normally turn Mitsy around. But it's easy to forget and reverse Mitsy into Belinda! This morning I remembered not to do that.

Belinda out in the cold

From Message
5650 Days Ago
You started a new job?? why and when? who quit who?

From Message
5649 Days Ago
I started a new job two months ago. You should pay attention!

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Tuesday, August 1 2006

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The Noswonkys wish horses of the world a happy birthday!


I tried the airport route again. I think the problem is that I can't resist taking pictures of aeroplanes, and this will probably cause me to crash my car eventually. So perhaps I should stick to the boring route.



Here's yet another shadow picture... taken as I walked to my car after work. It should be possible to use this picture to calculate what time I left work to within a few minutes. I leave this an an exercise for the reader.


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Monday, July 31 2006

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Route III

I have found a third route for getting to work - via the airport! I tried it today - both ways. It's about 5km longer, but it's effectively motorway conditions all the way from Lane Cove to Liverpool. Gore Hill Freeway... Harbour Tunnel... Eastern Distributor... Southern Cross Drive... General Holmes Drive... M5... and I'm there! And I get to see planes instead of cows!

If the traffic is favourable, I think this route is the fastest

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5652 Days Ago
G'Day Peter,

Regarding "Route III" - I go the opposite way (via public transport) to you, and I'm surprised that you found this way to be the same as the other two.
I would have thought that the traffic between Lane Cove and the coathanger would be considerable, as well as the traffic between the end of Southern Cross Drive and the start of the M5 East (basically the area around the airport tunnel)......

I suppose that says a lot about the traffic conditions on the other two ways to work.....

From Message
5651 Days Ago
I tried it this morning (Tuesday) and I found that the Harbour Tunnel approach was very slow initially. But once I got to the toll plaza it started moving quite well. So it only added a few minutes to the trip.

After that it was good all the way to the M5. Then it was slow but steady (40km/h) in the M5 East tunnel. When I exited the tunnel I saw there had been an accident there and they had just cleared the vehicles off the road.

The whole trip took 10 minutes longer than my usual route usually does.

But I think the traffic moves pretty well as long as there are no accidents. It will take a larger sample of trips to decide which route is best overall.

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Sunday, July 30 2006

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I told Yuko that it was boring sitting at the same table at Epitome every time and that we should sit outside - so we did - but it was a bit cold.

Yuko outside at Epitome


Like yesterday, we sat at home rotting for most of the day. But in the afternoon we took a break from rotting and went walking.

Walking on the road at Riverview

Yuko prepares to cross the Bridge of Death

At Longueville Yuko took pictures of dogs

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Saturday, July 29 2006

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After visiting Epitome, for the rest of the day we sat at home rotting and doing domestic work.

Here, we see the ancient ritual of the pyjama drying...

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Friday, July 28 2006

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Note item in background


Today was monthly BBQ day at work and I tried it for the first time. It was quite a good lunch.

BBQ - $5 for this magnificent feast! You can't beat that.

Then I went for a walk to see some of the local sights...


If not for this sign, and the fact that I didn't have a permit, I would have been into this hole in a flash!

Colours of Thai

Recently we've been frequenting Hob Nob at Collaroy as our preferred Thai food source. But that's a bit far away, so tonight we went back to our previous favourite, Colours of Thai at Mosman.

Colours of Thai

I had earlier bought a bottle of Fifth Leg which I chose because I liked the dog picture on the bottle. As it turned out, it tasted nice too.

Yuko - hungry

The food seems to have improved since our last visit - not that there was anything wrong with it before.

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Thursday, July 27 2006

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Today came my first real motivation to use an alternative route to get to work. There was an accident 5km ahead, and the traffic was crawling. But, as luck would have it, there was a motorway junction just up ahead, so I took it!

An extra 20km at 100km/h takes 12 minutes, which was probably quicker than 5km at 1km/h.

This detour took me so far out into the boonies, that I saw cows! I was unable to photograph them, but I did get this picture of a horsey place...


When I got home I saw this sight as I pulled into the driveway...

I assume this means that a dealership has opened next door!


Later, Yuko told me to bring in the garbage bin. This was the sight as I wheeled it up the driveway...

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5653 Days Ago
G'Day Peter,

Re: the accident in Rookwood - you were wise to find an alternative way to Liverpool, as I was coming the other direction, and by 7:00 the traffic was banked up from just before Rookwood cemetary (the accident was next to the golf course just north of Rookwood) to Liverty Grove residental estate - approx 5 Km.

But you didn't mention if the trip took you any longer than normal......

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5653 Days Ago
Hey Peter - I think that there is something wrong with your comments boxes - as only the last sentence is being displayed. (The start of the comments are shown at the top of the page, where they are listed by date, but they are missing from the comments section.)

From Message
5652 Days Ago
Yes, it's a bug which happens because you put a colon after "Re" and the software interprets that as a special token. I've edited your posting a bit to make it work.

As for my drive to work... yes, it took a bit longer than normal, but it was mainly due to the hold up before I got on the M4.

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5652 Days Ago
G'Day Peter,

Thanks for "fixing" the posting. And will you consider using the M4 more often - or is it cost-prohibative?

From Message
5651 Days Ago
I will use it only if there are delays on KGR or the M5, but the cost is not significant. With the Cashback scheme, the M4 and M5 tolls cost only 20c and 30c respectively, as you get back all of it except the GST.

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Wednesday, July 26 2006

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Bill's funeral was today. However, due to the distance, Mother thought it would be better not to attend. Eila (Bill's wife) agreed and they had a small private service.


Here's a computer which is much better than mine...

It belongs to a dude at work, who had just picked it up. It cost him 18 times more than my computer cost me! Some drooling was in order.

Worker contemplates computer


There was a nice red sky just after sunset, so I took yet another photo of the flagpole.

And then I saw the sky in Mitsy's mirror...

From Message
5545 Days Ago
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From Message
5541 Days Ago
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Tuesday, July 25 2006

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Today, my boss gave me a mini-Mars bar as motivation. It was very exciting!


Yuko wanted to print something today.

This was a problem because since we got our new router, the printer has been offline - despite the router supposedly being capable of hosting a network printer.

So after a hard day's work, I was forced to work some more - trying to get the network printer to work. I was not successful. In addition, one of the printer's ink cartridges was empty! So then we decided to resurrect our old disused printer and connect it directly to Yuko's computer. This involved a lot of crawling under tables and untangling cables. But eventually, Yuko was able to print a document.

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5657 Days Ago
Did the Mars bar provide more motivation?
If so, then how much - as I might start recommending it as a motivation tool around here! (GRIN)

From Message
5656 Days Ago
Yes it did.
In your situation, I think each mini-mars would be worth a device-day. Ie: you give an engineer a mini-mars and they will finish one device, one day earlier than without the mini-mars.

In practice 10 mini-mars bars would get one extra device to pass TRM (assuming one TRM every 10 working days).

How's the WIP these days?
I miss the 8-minute drive to work. :(

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Monday, July 24 2006

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During our trip to Featherdale yesterday, I became aware of the M7 and where it goes. It turns out that it's possible to use it to get to or from work - which is a route I had not previously considered. It's obviously longer, but it would mean I could travel on motorways almost all the way from home to work. With this in mind I wondered if it might be quicked - despite the extra distance.

There are a couple of possible routes. So tonight, I tried one route, using the M7 for just part of my trip home - bypassing about 10km of busy main road. It added 50% to the distance, while the elapsed time was about the same as usual. So there's no advantage there.

Another day, I might try going all the way - bypassing almost all of the busy main roads.

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Sunday, July 23 2006

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Bill Passes Away

Mother rang this morning and said that her brother Bill died last night. He was 84 and had been unwell and living in a nursing home for some time.

Bill is the last of Mother's three brothers to pass away. Donny died quite young so I never knew him, and Bob passed away in 2004.

I don't know yet whether we'll be attending the funeral. Bill and his wife Eila lived up at Toukley (near The Entrance) so I expect the funeral will be held in that area.


Yuko wanted to go to a place where she could take pictures of animals. We therefore decided to go to Featherdale.

Devil running laps

I was surprised by Yuko's bravery in confronting her nemesis... the dreaded emu...

The Tawny Frogmouth has featured in this blog a couple of times, the first being when I mistook one for a kookaburra with its beak torn off. Today we saw some Tawnys in their natural habitat - the wildlife park...

I like to get up close with the animals...

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5660 Days Ago
My condolances on the death of your uncle.

From Message
5659 Days Ago
Thank you Mr. Wadwell.

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Saturday, July 22 2006

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Epitome has new outdoor chairs. Some of them are not even unwrapped yet! It's very exciting...


In support of the Lebanese people, I ate their bread today...


Then, I went for a walk...

Due to the recent rain, the river was a torrent flowing under the Bridge of Death...

The Bridge of Death

The standard of graffiti in the neighbourhood is slipping...


Hens' Night

In the evening, Yuko went to a hens' night. It wasn't a hens' night in traditional sense, as nobody was getting married. Rather, a Japanese family was returning to Japan and a group of "hens" gathered at a city restaurant for a farewell party. I drove Yuko to the station and picked her up there when she returned.

Yuko arrives back at St. Leonards station

Yuko's description of the evening: "Hen na naito desu!"

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Friday, July 21 2006

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After almost two months of commuting on the Motorway, today I experienced my first Motorway gridlock. A big electronic sign said it was due to an accident, but it must have been cleared before I passed the scene because I saw no evidence of it.

Most of the time it was a steady 25 km/h
Then it got slower!

As it turned out, I was only delayed about 15 minutes which is not too bad.

Mother and Lens

Mother invited us to her house for dinner. We ate sheep.

During dinner, Yuko tried to take a picture and discovered that her camera was not working. She noticed that the zoom and focus rings we very hard to turn. I took a look and saw that the lens barrel (the part that moves in and out as you zoom) was skewed at an angle! Yuko suspects that this happened when she dropped the camera on the floor a couple of days ago.

Skewed lens barrel

I assumed this would mean the lens was now an expensive piece of garbage, or Canon would charge a huge wad of cash to fix it.

But an hour later as I was showing Mother some photos, I hears a "click" and Yuko let out a cry of delight. She had forced the barrel back into place like it was a dislocated bone. It clicked into place and now seems to work perfectly!

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Thursday, July 20 2006

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Not much to say. Except it rained...

Rain while driving home

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Wednesday, July 19 2006

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While driving today I saw the best rainbow I've seen for a long time. My westerly direction of travel and the early hour contributed to the goodness of it - you can even see the secondary bow...

Time Stands Still

When I got home from work, time was standing still - like a snake sunning himself on the road. Just look at this series of pictures...

But after I changed the battery, time resumed - like a snake crawling into the bushes when the sun goes down.

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Tuesday, July 18 2006

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While driving to work I was held up by slow traffic, caused by a minor accident in my lane. I tried to get a picture of the crashed car, but my timing was flawed and I was only able to get the scene looking back after passing it.

Tow-truck driver at work

But while sitting in gridlock I cast my gaze in directions I don't normally, and saw a house with an interesting name...

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Monday, July 17 2006

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New and Free Coffee

Today was the big launch of a new type of coffee at work (see picture above). Actually, other than the differently coloured cup, I didn't notice any difference. But because it was launch day, everyone got one cup free! You can't beat free coffee!

The Letter

Today I got the dreaded letter...

It says I should set aside ten weeks for attending court. I wouldn't mind performing this duty for the benefit of society, but having recently started a new job, it's the least convenient time for it.

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Sunday, July 16 2006

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Parramatta (II)

Last week's trip to Parramatta by Rivercat was just an exploratory mission. On that trip we collected some information pamphlets about what to see in Parramatta, but we didn't see any of it.

So today, we went back with our pamphlets to see some stuff. This time we went by car rather than boat and had breakfast at a cafe there (see first coffee picture) before embarking on our sight-seeing.

The first amazing thing we saw was a pizza restaurant that looked like a church...

Then we saw a public bath-house...

We then came upon Old Government House. It costs $8 to go inside. However, it was a bargain because we got a guided tour of the house with one of the volunteer "Friends of Old Government House" - a nice lady call Anne. First, she showed us the major components of the building using some models and Velcro.

Then she took us through the house for about 40 minutes. There was nobody else on the tour - just us. Unfortunately photography is not allowed in the house, so we only have pictures of the outside.

Model with velcro
Old Government House

The barracks behind the main building is now a restaurant called Lachlan's after Governor Macquarie who lived in the house in the early 19th century.


We decided to have lunch there. The waiter took our picture...

The food was very nice and only moderately priced...

There was some food left over, so the waited gave us this stylish doggy bag...

Doggy bag

We also had coffee at Lachlan's (see second coffee picture).

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Saturday, July 15 2006

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It rained for most of the day. This meant we mostly stayed home and rotted, other than Breakfast at Epitome of course.

Rain at Lane Cove

We had thought that today or tomorrow would be Pierre's last day at Epitome as he had told us he was returning to Canada. But he wasn't there and Klaudia said his last shift had been yesterday.

Goodbye Pierrrrre!


Mother's TV

Mother's kitchen TV stopped working a few days ago. It was a really old TV (probably 30 years) so she decided to buy a new one, and she asked me to take her to the shops for this purpose.

However, I remembered that I had an old TV at home that I wasn't using, It was a portable colour TV which I used to have in my bedroom when I still lived with my parents. I think I bought it in about 1985.

So I dug it out and tested it. It worked quite well but there was no remote control - not because it was lost, but because it never had one. In those days non-remote-controllable TVs were still available.

I called Mother and asked her if she wanted it. She did! So I took it to her house and set it up in her kitchen.

My old TV
Installed in Mother's kitchen

Then she asked me how much I wanted for it. Knowing she would not accept it as a gift, I said $20. She refused, and thrust $50 at me! After a brief fist-fight, I left the building with $50 and a bag of mandarins...

What I got for my 20-year-old TV.


Then I went to bed with my Teddy Bean...

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Friday, July 14 2006

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It was raining when I woke up, and it continued to rain lightly as I drove to work. Because I was travelling west, there was a rainbow...


Eating and Drinking

It was a day for a big lunch at work. There was someone leaving, someone transferring, someone having something good happen etc. So we went to the local pub for lunch. I'd never been there before. It was quite a nice pub - and surprisingly uncrowded.

My Lunch - Big Chicken

Today was also our mid-month drink and nibbly celebration which is a celebration for no particular reason. I drank one alcoholic beverage and saved a second one for later. Actually I took it home and gave it to Yuko. She was very glad.

I drank this one
I took this one home

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Thursday, July 13 2006

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Today I woke up graunched. I decided I was too graunched to go to work, so I stayed home. For this reason there is no coffee picture today.

I was suspicious that a Japanese sausage which Yuko gave me last night may have been the cause of my graunchedness. It was the first time we'd eaten that type of sausage. However, Yuko also ate one but seemed unaffected.


Cry Wolf

An envelope came in the mail today. There was a note on the outside...


It was from Roz, who directed Loveplay earlier this year. We think this means we have free tickets to Roz's latest production - Cry Wolf...

We are considering going on Sunday.

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5670 Days Ago

What the hell does that mean? I used to see what it means, and the only reference I came across is this:
"Graunch: to make a crunching or grinding sound" - I mean was the sausage that tough?

In the words of a certain red-headed clown (and I don't mean Ronald McDonald): "Please explain".

From Message
5669 Days Ago
Some Definitions

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5667 Days Ago
So we have "Graunch" meaning:
"To damage something with excessive force";
"To graze the skin. A small cut or graze.";
"To make fit by the use of excessive force.";
"To spoil an object by carelessness or ignorance, or both."

So, how does one "wake up graunched"?

Were you treated with excessive force? Suffered a small cut or graze? Or spoiled by carelessness or ignorance?

From Message
5665 Days Ago
I carelessly ate a sausage (or was carelessly given a sausage to eat), and being ignorant of the effects, was damaged or spoiled.

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Wednesday, July 12 2006

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Today, as I was drinking a cup of water, I saw someone attempting to photograph a beetle with a camera-phone, without much success. I therefore offered my services as a beetle photographer...

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Tuesday, July 11 2006

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Something may have happened today, but as I'm writing it the day after (ie: tomorrow) I don't remember if anything happened. But if something did happen, it wasn't very exciting.

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Monday, July 10 2006

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Mallow Gyoza

Yuko makes a very nice gyoza, which is a Japanese pork dumpling. But tonight, she made gyoza with marshmallows instead of pork.

I was skeptical about the change from pork to marshmallows, but after trying it, I was converted. The only problem is that when you bite into it, the marshmallow tends to spew out like the guts of a squashed caterpillar.

Cooking the Gyoza
The marshmallow spews out

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Sunday, July 9 2006

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Superman Returns

Back in April 2005 we were almost in the movie, Superman Returns. So today we went to see the finished movie.

It's the story of an alien who returns from a long trip to find that his girlfriend has abandoned him for another guy. So he becomes a peeping tom and goes to her house to illegally spy on both of them using his X-ray vision and super hearing!

Later, he jumps into the water only to discover that he can't swim, and relies on his ex-girlfriend (the one he had been spying on), to rescue him.

Our scene lasted three seconds. We didn't get any closeups.

Waiting to enter the theatre. Note photographer in mirror.

Afterwards, we went to a local coffee shop and discussed the movie. Yuko said that the lead actor didn't have to act much - he just had to strike a flying pose - and she demonstrated... Mother agreed and also demostrated...


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Saturday, July 8 2006

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Epitome Coffee
Marriott Coffee

Up the River by Cat

Yuko suddenly said "Let's go to Parramatta" - so we did. We decided to catch the Rivercat. Strangely, we had never travelled on the Rivercat before. First we took the Ferry from Greenwich to the Quay...

Yuko on the Greenwich ferry

At the Quay, we had to buy tickets from the vending machine. I didn't have enough coins for the fare, and I had no notes smaller than $50, so I fed $50 into the machine. It then gave me change - but it was all in coins. It was like winning a prize on a poker machine...

Ticket and $40 change

Scenes from the River

We stood outside at the pointy end of the boat for the whole trip up the river, which took 50 minutes.

Gladesville Bridge
River Reflections

The River narrows


At Parramatta, we strolled along the river bank and explored the town a little. But the town was almost deserted.

Sunset at Parramatta

We saw two dead bodies of shopping trolleys which had been dumped in the water...

Dead Trolley
Dead Trolley

There were also some dead-body outlines drawn on the ground indicating that several homicides must have occurred there...

Murder scene


We were tired and hungry, and we spotted a Japanese restaurant right near the ferry wharf. After we had explored the town a little, and found that most eating places were closed, we finally returned to the wharf and entered Khawa...

We were puzzled by the name of the restaurant. There is a standard way of writing Japanese words using the English alphabet. In that system, the name of this restaurant would be written "Kawa" (which means River). The first syllable would never be written "Kha". So we asked the restaurant's owner about it. She said that it was because there was another restaurant called "Kawa" and, to avoid a name clash, they had added the "H" the name.

There's nothing like a nice cold Kirin...


We jumped on the 6pm Cat back to the Quay. It was now dark and too cold to stay outside. So we sat inside in the relative warmth and Yuko fell asleep. Back at the Quay, we checked the board for the next ferry back to Greenwich. It was due to depart at 7.30pm, so we had 40 minutes to kill.

Sleeping on the Cat
Greenwich Ferry due at 7.30pm

There was a big sailing ship moored at the international terminal. It was lit up like a big sailing ship...

Big sailing ship

To kill 40 minutes, we walked to the nearby Marriot Hotel in George Street where we indulged in coffee and cookies (see coffee picture at top)...

Relaxing in the Marriot lounge

We caught the Greenwich ferry as planned. I was surprised when we stopped at Luna Park. I've never known the Greenwich ferry to stop there before, but it made a fine spectacle...

Stopping at Luna Park

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Friday, July 7 2006

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In the morning, someone left me some chocolate and a note (see above)! It was strong stuff (the chocolate, not the note) - 70% just how I like it.


It was a long time since we'd been to Epitome for dinner. So we rectified that tonight.

First, we went to the bottle shop to buy a nice Shiraz or Merlot, but we were seduced by a promotional display and emerged with the most disgustingly cheap rosé imaginable (Yuko said the bottle looked nice). It turned out to be adequate.

Our table was next to the fish tank. The fish are not for eating by for socialising.

Yuko socialises with the fish

Pierrrrrre takes Yuko's order
I had fish and Yuko had "double duck".
The dessert menu was serious!

Usually we share one dessert. But tonight we could not agree on one dish, so we were forced to order separately. I wanted to have the mud cake, despite the manager's warning that there was "no mucking around" with it. He was right...

Deadly serious, no mucking around mud - I barely survived.

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Thursday, July 6 2006

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Pencil and Pole

Today, I learned a new way to carry a pencil. However, I don't think it's a realistic option for me...

Pencil carrying

And here's another picture of the flag pole...

Broccoli (II)

As one reader has expressed doubt about the type of vegetable depicted in an earlier blog entry, I have documented the process by which broccoli is made to look like celery...


There's a Bear in there...

The Prime Minister plays with his Teddy.

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Wednesday, July 5 2006

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Pole Chaos

On the way to work I came upon a scene of chaos. Although it's difficult to see in the picture, the electricity pole was leaning over and threatening to fall on the road. This had caused a major arterial road to be completely closed in one direction (fortunately I was going in the other direction). Despite this, the traffic reports on the radio made no mention of it!

Leaning pole

Road closed

Free Donuts

In the afternoon, our boss spontaneously decided to buy us Krispy Kreme Donuts!

Krispy Kreme Donuts

You can't beat a donut!

My co-workers agreed!

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5674 Days Ago
Peter, how many times must I tell you - you can beat a free donut/cake!!!!

Depending on what you beat it with, you might not have anything usable afterwards though.....

From Message
5673 Days Ago
From my own experience, I've never seen a donut beaten.

From Message
Matthew Wadwell
5673 Days Ago
Hey Peter,
Check out:
for a sample of what I mean about "can't be beaten".....

From Message
5672 Days Ago
Whisking may be possible.

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Tuesday, July 4 2006

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It was cold...



And it rained...


A Diversity of Views on Broccoli

"I do not like broccoli. And I haven't liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it. And I'm President of the United States and I'm not going to eat any more broccoli."
George H. W. Bush

"I like broccoli. And I have liked it since I was a little kid and my mother let me eat it. I'm not the President of the United States but I can eat broccoli any time I want."

Eating broccoli

From Message
Laughing Mole
5679 Days Ago
That looks more like celery to me.

From Message
5679 Days Ago
It's the stalk of the broccoli plant which has been cut straight by the knife of Yuko.

I know celery, and that's no celery.

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Monday, July 3 2006

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I like it when people fix their spelling mistakes...

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Sunday, July 2 2006

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Quilt Washing

It was time to wash our quilt. but the problem with washing a quilt is not in the washing, but the drying. It takes a long time and a lot of air to dry a thick fluffy quilt. I used our multi-purpose aluminium ladder as a drying horse and placed it out in the sun...

Quilt Drying

But it still wasn't dry by sundown so I brought it into the garage and put a fan on it for a few more hours. But still, we had to postpone re-deployment of the quilt until tomorrow.

Hair Cutting

Yuko again engaged my services as a hair cutter at the usual rate of $5.00 for a straight horizontal cut...

Half-way through the cutting process

Bike Riding

In the afternoon I went cycling.

Cycling in Riverview College

I was surprised to see that they have an area specifically for picking up children...

Food Eating

Yuko said that she seriously needed to go to Eastwood - by which she meant that she needed to get Asian groceries at the little Korean supermarket. So of course, we took Mother and had dinner at Maroo.

We got to Maroo at about 7.30pm and it was very crowded. But after about 15 minutes it was only half full.

Yuko at Maroo

Maroo food

As we were leaving, we met the Maroo Cat...

Mother meets the Maroo Cat

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Saturday, July 1 2006

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Beeping Fridge

Last night Mother called me and said that her fridge was making a strange beeping noise and it had been going all day! So this morning I went over to sus it out. But by the time I arrived, she had already solved the mystery...

When she visited the hospital a few days ago, she took a few items with her in a carry bag, including a little electronic alarm clock. On her return home, she had placed the bag on the floor next to the fridge. The alarm had then sounded, and Mother had thought it was coming from the fridge. Unfortunately this type of alarm has no time-out. It just keeps sounding until you stop it or the battery runs out - which is a long time!

The beeping mystery solved!

While at Mother's house I noted an interesting thing. Her fridge had the usual abundance of fridge magnets stuck to it. But the strange thing is that some of them are on the back of the fridge!

Fridge magnets on the side and back


When there's a demolition/construction site surrounded by a white wall, and there's a little hole in the wall, it's impossible to pass it without peeping through and gawking...

Yuko peeping and gawking

Duck Population

After lunch, Yuko asked me to take her to Burns Bay to photograph ducks and water. We noticed that the duck population has grown to unexpected levels.

Duck numbers explode


In the afternoon I went cycling, which I haven't done for a long time. I went to Longueville and then came back through the bush via the Bridge of Death. I didn't actually cycle across the Bridge of Death for obvious reasons, and I had to carry the bike over some of the rougher sections, but most of the track was smooth enough for cycling.

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